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Staff changes

Posted by Duki3003 at 17:57 pm on April 11th 2014

A new victim addition to our slave roster staff! The promotion went to mianghuei

Congratulations? *coughs*


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BakaBT update

Posted by brunoais at 19:23 pm on March 11th 2014

Konichiwa miinaaa!!!!!
Welcome to another BakaBT system update, this time featuring:

New features:

    ● Users with donator status can opt in to have their account to last forever instead of the usual 11 months of inactivity
    ● Inbox now has 2 filters.
            ○ See only system messages
            ○ See only user PM

Bug fixes:

    ● bonus.php had some kicks. It's now impossible to redeem bonus points multiple times on each request (no more negative numbers)
    ● Improved the warning for users who want to signup to the forum. No more trips to the #bakabt-support channel just because the user failed to fill in the password in the fields. (hopefully)
    ● Random minor bugfixes and mistypes.

All hail BakaBT!!
Now, who is ready for some torrenting?

EDIT: Sorry guys, there was a bug in the inactivity pruning option for donators, which reversed the options. By default it should've been unmarked for all donators, and they can opt to safekeep their account, not vice versa. Please double check the settings page because this should be fixed now.

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System message inbox spam

Posted by Duki3003 at 13:18 pm on February 13th 2014

A few hours ago a number of users were spammed by our system donation message.
That was due to an exploit that an attacker found in our automatic notification system for a payment processor we're no longer using. No user sensitive information has been compromised (such as account information and email addresses), the only bug was with our automatic message system.

The exploit has been removed, and we'd like to apologise to anyone that might have been inconvenienced by this issue.


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Recent prolonged downtime

Posted by Duki3003 at 0:33 am on February 3rd 2014

To satisfy most users curiosity, the yesterdays downtime wasn't an attack or anything of the sort, rather a small server issue.
But unfortunately no admins were available to sort the problem sooner.

As the old saying goes "When the admins are away, the mice will play."
And when I say mice I mean Motoko, not Chiya this time.
We apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused you.
The site, forum and tracker should be back online.


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Happy New Years - 2014

Posted by Duki3003 at 18:28 pm on December 31st 2013

Most of the world is yet to enter it, but some parts are already celebrating the New 2014th, so I'll be using this chance to wish you all a Happy New Year with some Freeleech~

Secondly I will use this opportunity to congratulate our holiday banner contest winners, which are now in rotation.
I know many were expecting them in time for Christmas, but unfortunately I just couldn't finish it sooner.

Winners are:

20000 points: csoo54
8000 points: Art
6000 points: Gummixx
4000 points: lightshifter, Phil93, Daymaul, akatoki, laoa
2000 points: Vince, PT-Desu, Riyoku, squidbear, LuciferzRage, watertaffy, TiraMisuka, endryu, Nodame-chan, AniFreakJoe

There were many great entries, so we won't be crowning the best banner, but here are some staff favourites which will receive additional 8000 points:

● laoa's banner featuring Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid. [entry]
● Gummixx' banner featuring Koume from Hanamaru Youchien. [entry]
● Phil93's banner featuring Hoshino Hachirouta from Planetes. [entry]
● LuciferzRage's banner featuring Jack Frost from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children. [entry]
● lightshifter's banner featuring Akemi Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. [entry]
● Riyoku's banner featuring Konjiki no Yami, Lala Satalin Deviluke and Sairenji Haruna from To Love-Ru: Trouble. [entry]

Once again in behalf of BakaBT Staff, of which dubz and Southrop are probably already celebrating, I wish you all Happy New Years!!
Srećna Nova Godina!!

Update: Freelech ends 15th January.


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Merry Christmas

Posted by Chiyachan at 12:42 pm on December 25th 2013

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, although it's already clearly afternoon... Or the 26th for others.
Chiyachan has finally woken up and crawled to his computer to see what's happening. (Nothing much it seems).
For those who celebrate this holiday, I hope you all got great gifts and insane amounts of snow.
To those who don't, enjoy the day off and spend it with family.

This year, I watched a film called, "The Grinch". It taught me that Christmas time is not about presents at all. It's about spending time with family and being in good spirit, allowing your heart to grow. (I think I was made to watch this film because nobody wanted to buy me presents.....)

Aaaaaaaanyway... Moving swiftly on... Is everybody ready for New Year? That's coming up shortly. My plan is to harass each staff member to come up with one resolution each and post it. Then we can all bully them when they don't stick to it!

Have a very merry holiday and expect this post to be edited lots in the next few hours.


Edit 1: Seems like quite a few people don't seem to understand the meaning of Christmas. I tried to imply it up above. It's about family, NOT FREE STUFF. Since you all keep nagging and asking for freeleech. You guys know who you are... No free-leech this year. Well, that would be the case if it was my decision. >_>

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Holiday Banners Competition '14

Posted by Duki3003 at 19:54 pm on December 7th 2013

Keeping up with the tradition we started, it's time once again for our annual Holiday Banners competition.
You can submit your banners with a New Year/Winter motif here...


  ● Submit in .png (lossless) format
  ● Width 980px
  ● Height 120px
  ● Matches site!
  ● Use the Joyful Juliana font.
  ● Keep at least 100px clear on the left and 200px clear on the right (Search box and RSS feed button).
  ● If the composition allows it put the image to the left and the text to the right.
  ● Tell us which anime it's from and the character(s) name.
  ● Provide link to your (tracker) profile so we can give you proper credit.

Like before, you'll have more freedom if you wish to experiment, however try to keep the banners consistent. That goes for the font and the background colour scheme.
New Year motif banners will be kept in rotation until the end of January, 2014 - so feel free to alter your banner slightly and re-submit it in the regular banner submission thread if you want to keep it in permanent rotation.

Best banners will be awarded - 2000 Bonus points for every banner we choose (No limits to number of submissions).
Same as last year, banners we like the most will receive extra points.
Submissions will be accepted starting today and until 23. December.
Happy Holidays, and have fun~

-BakaBT Team-

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