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End of Summer clean up

Posted by Duki3003 at 21:58 pm on September 9<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2015

Summer is nearly over for us in the Northern Hemisphere, and with it we think it's due time for a little clean up, because winter is coming!

This summer has brought us a lot of big changes in the inner workings, look and feel of the site, some more welcome than others, however, another thing it brought was a plague of washed up ads replacing most of our images hosted on imageshack. Luckily we have a solution, but a clean up is due.
All torrents that are still using imageshack in any shape or form are put to adoption. BakaSHOTS has been in service for quite some time now, so there has been more than enough time for torrent owners to port their images.

As some of the more observant users may have already noticed, we made some updates to the adoption system to accommodate this, making it more useful then it already was. The new addition - Bounty.
Bounty is how many bonus points you will be rewarded upon successful completion of an adoption. It will also increase daily, to give motivation for more unpopular torrents, and can now be a great way of boosting/fixing your ratio.

Depending on the task it can be:

          ● 1/10 of the amount for a small edit,
          ● 1.0x default amount,
          ● 1.5x for a good job,
          ● 2.5x for an awesome job

Usual rules for adopting still apply, you have to write a short request with your motivation behind adopting (what's wrong with it, what do you intend to fix), and you have to own the files before adopting. And to prove that you do own them you should have the torrent in your active list as seeding.

Additionally, there will be a staff recruitment soon, probably in few weeks, so if you were thinking of applying as staff, this can be a good way of showing an interest in the site and rack up some points.


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RIP Sir Christopher Lee.

Posted by Nodame-chan at 18:58 pm on June 12<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2015

On June 7th the world of cinema had a huge loss. Sir Christopher Lee, an actor of great talent, vigour and excellence passed away.
He was 93 years old, but nonetheless he was awesome. He kept acting till the very end.

Sir Christopher Lee has starred in over 200 movies, but his most memorable part, for me personally, is his Saruman in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. Even though a villain, his Saruman was loved and respected. It was beyond perfect.
He was a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, and was the only person on LOTR's whole crew and cast who had actually met Tolkien.

Sir Christopher Lee's death made me sad, but he had lived a long and memorable life. I hope he can find peace in the Grey Havens. RIP.

As a tribute to Sir Christopher Lee and to celebrate his life, we are making the fantasy and sci-fi keywords freeleech for the weekend.

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Now accepting bitcoins

Posted by Duki3003 at 23:15 pm on June 3<sup><i>rd</i></sup> 2015

As a new way of supporting BakaBT, donators can now use bitcoins which can be easily acquired, among other ways, by using PayPal or Skrill.
We have posted a simple 5 step walktrough in our Wiki.
If you run into any problems, feel free to PM me directly.

The old methods of donating will still be available, however they are currently closed.


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Recent downtime

Posted by Duki3003 at 20:02 pm on May 9<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2015

As most of you may have noticed we've been down for 2 days now, and main reason for this downtime was plain and simple hardware failure.
Considering that this was mostly out of our hands, we can't promise that it is 100% fixed, so further downtimes are possible. Hopefully our service provider has finally solved the situation and this won't happen again.
As this forced us to meddle, we took this opportunity to fix up some security holes we spotted, and update and upgrade the backend of the site.

If you have issues logging in, clear your cookies and cache, and you should be able to log in again.

Big thanks to Force for bringing us back on track.

Update: 18/05/2015
SSL has been enabled for the main site and for the forums, try it and report errors here https://forums.bakabt.me/index.php?topic=44096.0

Update: 15/05/2015
I will slowly bring everything back online, note that there are no performance tweaks at all as we lost those sadly enough.

    [ x ] Main site
    [ x ] Tracker
    [ x ] Forums
    [ x ] Wiki
    [ x ] Blog
    [ x ] SSL
    [ t ] Optimizations

Note: The site may timeout every now and then...

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A bit of a site overhaul

Posted by Duki3003 at 21:42 pm on April 27<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2015

Some of our behind the curtain devs were prodded with pointy sticks along with sleeping admins to bring you some updates, modernization to the look and inner-workings of the site.
The biggest changes you will notice are to the design. It's definitely not final, and we will be open to suggestions on improving it.
A big trademark of our site, the Dango family was downsized, but the remaining pair has, luckily, managed to grow and prosper.

Additionally we're considering holding a sort of competition to design us some new category icons, that will fit better with the new design, sort of like the new years banners.
Feel free to report any issues/bugs you may come across here.

However the biggest changes are not so visible, as they are a major technical overhaul of the backend, preparing for more updates to come.
Due to some of the updates you will have to log in again. If for any reason you're having trouble doing so, clear out your cache and cookies.

Big thanks to Jarudin, bruno and Force for bringing us this update and ironing out most of the nitpicks the staff threw at them.


Edit: The profile bug where some users would appear as logged out has been patched. If you've experienced this simply clear your cookies and cache and login again.

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BakaBT sold to Nyaa owners

Posted by Duki3003 at 22:57 pm on March 31<sup><i>st</i></sup> 2015

WEABO Media Group acquires BakaBT!

WEABO Media Group, the company behind Nyaa, has yesterday acquired BakaBT. We had an interview with Frank Simmons, director of operations at WEABO Media Group. "With anime and manga gaining more popularity in the west we see an opportunity for a strong delivery platform. The market is currently heavily fragmented with many small communities. We believe that merging the communities is the right way forward".
For now, the design of the site will shift to Nyaa's design for simplicity and overall consolidation. Descriptions' requirements will be phased out at a later date because we will automatically scrape the required info from AniDB, MAL and similar databases.

Previously anime websites were relying on relatively uncertain methods such as donations. We're currently exploring new opportunities for monetization for a more reliable and steady income.
Over the next few weeks, BakaBT's torrent pool and all its users will be consolidated into Nyaa's existing infrastructure.

Additionally, we will be switching to Nyaa's anime acceptance policy. This includes a global ban on Doki and we will also refrain from accepting anything not from the so-called 'cartel'. Thank you for your understanding.

More updates will be forthcoming.

Update: Their check bounced, so for the time being BakaBT is once again in our hands. Style will be updated shortly.


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Staff roster

Posted by Duki3003 at 20:51 pm on February 7<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2015

After being subjected through a living hell in our sacred proving grounds, 3 have managed to pull through.
We welcome:

  ● gits
  ● MrIntruder
  ● Nodame-chan

Additionally Sash has been reinstated to his old position in staff.


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