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Type: Anime Series
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October 28th 2014 (2 days)
ANBU-AonE was always the absolute best subbed release back in the day. Nice to see them all gathered here. :D
Naruto is an awesome anime that got a bad name from all of the crappy filler that comes after episode 136. The anime basically ends at 136 and the rest is filler. The filler episodes are of such low quality that it's not worth watching.

101-106 is also filler but episode 101 is great.  :lol:

The animation quality varies with the lowest point in this being Naruto vs. Kiba.
Some episodes have fantastic animation, episode 17(naruto vs. haku), 30(sasuke vs. orochimaru), 48(rock lee vs. gaara), 71(third hokage vs. orochimaru).

IMO episode 1-80 is god tier anime.

rajshah I think you need to switch torrent client or version.

I will seed 1-136 'til I die.


October 28th 2014 (1 day)
Damn. For some reason the download is stuck on Finding peers. Anyone know the prob?


October 28th 2014 (1 day)
» Kokuei1
Damn. For some reason the download is stuck on Finding peers. Anyone know the prob?

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