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May 6th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 13 days)
Does this series qualify as a prequel to "Gunparade March?"

I was checking against ANN's encyclopedia but it did not actually list the two series as related.


May 6th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 13 days)
Is this a sequal or a prequal?


May 6th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 13 days)
Is this as good as its predecessor?  Or  is this a pre-determined riddle?


May 6th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 12 days)
He/she probably just forgot to change the description.


May 6th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 12 days)
is this better than gunparade march? i enjoyed march, but i was wondering if parade holds up well


May 7th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 12 days)
I have watched up to ep 13 and this is such a crapy show it's an offence it has "Gunparade" in the name where the first anime were so great.

Cliche, stock personalities, holes (I was going to write plot but that is not the case, it's all holes). Things don't make sense ... and on top of that, it feels a teen harem anime with people piloting big mechas to battle big pokemons. And yes I'm comparing this to Gunparade march which had a plot, characters and theme.

Well ... there you have why no group bottered to sub this to the end.


May 7th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 12 days)
I think this one takes place after march. There is almost no connection plotwise between them. Just 2 series set in the  the same universe, thus yu don't need to see one afore the other. Still march is the better series. as an aside their is a manga for march as well although it has a very strange plot twist.  


May 8th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 11 days)
I have only watched up to ep 12 so far, and I must say that I am unimpressed. so far I would have to say that March was so much better.

Also i was wondering if this series has two plot lines, Because at like ep 11 it seems to have abandoned one set of characters for a completely unrelated group. Kinda confused.  :-/


May 8th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 11 days)
No kiddin' I was pretty perplexed by that one as well. Now that i've got the rest of it I can watch and see if the two groups tie in some how.


May 8th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 10 days)
» jackdanyls
Is this as good as its predecessor?  Or  is this a pre-determined riddle?

Much worse.


May 9th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 10 days)
"Failure: Access denied, peers limit reached"
same here :(


May 10th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 9 days)
cant wait to see it just have to finish downloading it first though


May 10th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 8 days)
That the day would come were i can get the rest of GPO, i never tought it would come. Thanks for the torrent :)


May 11th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 8 days)
The only compliment that I can give to GPO is their usage of 3DCG's for their mechas. Was hoping for a continuation from GP March as I want to see what happens to the two main protagonist relationship :love:


May 11th 2008 (6 years and 11 months and 8 days)
thank u for the torrent i very appreciate it


May 24th 2008 (6 years and 10 months and 25 days)
Summary: Utter crap and complete nonsense. Oh man, they really dropped the ball on this one. I'm a huge fan of march and that's HUGE with capitals and everything, but this! If you liked march, you'll stay clear of this embarrassing excuse of a sequel. Its a derivative copy with all the elements that made the original special and worth watching just 'gone, setting the same but otherwise, gone.

Also I'm not slandering the uploader, who's efforts I appreciate, but the series, because its shit.

Thank you for the upload, but its better to stay clear of it. :no:


May 31st 2008 (6 years and 10 months and 18 days)
That was absolutely awful.  Basically 3 different shows of complete crap some how based in the Gunparade universe.  This is clearly milking the Gunparade cow for all that shes worth.

And to think Ive been waiting for this since it was anounced.

O well, thanks for the upload anyways.  I at least got to see it and decide for myself.  



June 3rd 2008 (6 years and 10 months and 15 days)
yeah, gotta say, I was way confused at ep 11.  Def'n feels like a teen anime.  I haven't even seen march, but I know this one is kinda lame.


July 10th 2008 (6 years and 9 months and 8 days)
All right, everybody bashing the anime needs to realize its function -- Gunparade Orchestra was not made to be a sterling masterpiece in its own right, but rather to drum up interest and provide characterization for the trilogy of games on the PS2 that are the "true story", so to speak (Gunparade Orchestra: Shiro no Shou, Gunparade Orchestra: Midori no Shou, and Gunparade Orchestra: Ao no Shou; each game corresponds to the story of one of the three squads).  The anime is not meant to be the entire story -- it's a supplement to the stories that are presented in the game trilogy.  In that respect, it's no different from Gunparade March, which does the same thing for the core storyline presented in the 2000 Playstation (One) game.  The Gunparade March anime was stronger in its own right because it didn't have to split focus among three entire casts and because it needed to be more of a standalone presence to make up for the fact that it was made 3 years after the game it's based on, but it serves the same function as Gunparade Orchestra -- both are meant to augment, not supplant, the core storylines presented in the video games.

If you've ever seen the Sakura Taisen OVAs, for example, you'd know what kind of role the Gunparade anime series are supposed to serve.  They're all "companion" works for the core of their respective franchises, which happen to be video games.


April 22nd 2009 (5 years and 11 months and 27 days)
awww..... When i heard about this.... i was so eager to see it....

Since I'm a big fan of Gun Parade March

but judging from the previous comments and even the explanation from " Calamari "

MY DREAMS = CRUSHED...  :weep:

My expectations have been torn up and ripped to shreds then blasted by a cannon....  :lol:

GPM was definitely a Great Anime...

if only they did Gun Parade Orchestra another way......

Not even gonna download this....  :unsure: