Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru [Hitsuji]  

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March 14th 2013 (2 years and 11 days)
» kaustav
it was very good I loved it. :love:

Same, just sad that there's only one OVA that only covers half the series..


May 2nd 2014 (10 months and 23 days)
:-D I have been looking for this everywhere. Glad i found it here, I hear it's really good as i have never seen it myself.  :thumbsup:


June 11th 2014 (9 months and 14 days)
OMG Yori's little speech would surely melt a woman's heart an instant   :wub::love: :love:
story wise its amzing very unique to the point that the atmosphere itself is unbilieveable
too bad is forbidden for sidlings to love each other and is not accepted by society  :no:


September 26th 2014 (5 months and 29 days)
» thegreypiper
Bizarre in more ways than one.  First off, let me say that I found some of the animation - faces in particular, girls' faces most of all - kind of low-quality.  Bad proportions, little or no expressiveness.

The story itself: disappointing and creepy.  To be fair, it does not claim to be hentai or ero at all.  In that sense, it is almost a pure love story.  The couple of sex scenes are very discreet, maybe PG-13 level.  Except -- IT'S HIS SISTER. And twin sister, at that.  OK now, I'm an only child, dunno what it's like growing up with a sister. But I think I could least understand a young pair of siblings who play show n tell or whatever, there is natural body curiosity.  I think I could even understand an older pair of siblings engaging in some sexual activity, out of either curiosity, frustration, or even rebellion.  But Yori is in actual star-crossed, starry-eyed, romantic LOVE with sister Iku. That's where I find this just creepy rather than perverted.   Well, I also said it was disappointing.  Partially because it isn't perverted - as noted, the slightest tease of the erotic.  Disappointing too as a love story though, because it just ends, rather than concludes: none of the romantic tension is resolved in the slightest.  Yori goes away - but only, we are led to believe, so that he and Iku may possibly have an outwardly normal romantic relationship somewhere else... where they are not known... sometime later...

Both are tormented by the knowledge that theirs is a forbidden love, but nothing is done to resolve it.  This aint Rhett Butler making a grand departure with "I don't give a damn." This is Charlie Brown feebly waving "Uhhhh....see you later I guess...."  

If this sort of theme intrigues you, I found it much better done in the game/interactive graphic novel "Little Sister Kana." Now THERE'S a worthwhile tale of what still remains "The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name."

No offense meant, but I consider anybody who thinks things like incest, etc. are "wrong/disgusting/etc." to be very narrow and never having thought about life thoroughly before.

Firstly, please name any real and objective difference between love between 2 relatives, even twins, as compared to that between 2 random individuals. None whatsoever except that there is a supposedly higher possibility that they might share some flawed recessive gene, right?

However, whenever we pick 2 random people to reproduce, we also risk a sufficiently high chance of them sharing the same flawed recessive gene. Hence why 2 random people can have children with various medical problems, while cousins can marry and have child with no abnormalities. Why? It's all just chance. What's more, they could always check their DNA before they decide to have a child, and adopt one instead if the risk is too high. Adoption also gives the orphaned adopted child a family and parents. You're killing 2 birds with 1 stone here.

Next, we need to consider the fact that even twins would have to be fraternal twins and thus as good as 2 completely different siblings other than their time of birth being so much closer. You wouldn't get opposite sexes otherwise. As for same sex relationships, they could only have a daughter through currently experimental means (on rats) since it only works for females and female only produce X, thus only an XX combination can be produced.

Once you think about all that and more, doesn't all that mainstream anger, hatred and malice against mutual incestous romantic relationships sound so pointless, prejudiced, baseless and basically completely nonsensical?

Anyway, back to the subject of anime and manga. Try Koi Kaze and Flowers of Evil (as in the Manhwa about the twins), they're pretty good. For something lighter but still okay, try Canvas 2 - Niji Iro no Sketch for anime. For a laugh and some pseudo-incest, Marmalde Boy is okay I guess. Your average incest/pseudo-incest manga would also include say Kiken Jun'Ai DNA, Cherry Juice, Auto Focus, Andante, Honoka ni Purple. Hana no Namae is more psychological than incestous but it's still okay if you like those kind of somewhat strained lives.

As for real life experience, I can guarantee you that these things happen, and it's not what the media portrays, since society is kind of more like a religion if anything. It follows fixed rules that ostracize those who don't fall into the mainstream, etc. and the very definition of religion is to have a fixed doctrine that must be abided by.

Anyway, I'm bad with social skills, so do forgive me if I have offended anyone, as I never mean to.