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Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny | Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny [AHQ]  Multiaudio

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July 13th 2013 (1 year and 7 months and 18 days)
» MegaWingZero
» libo270
There is no HD remastered version for this like Seed does?

There is, its just only up to episode 15 on the gundaminfo youtube channel

It's region locked, though.


August 28th 2013 (1 year and 6 months and 2 days)
Anyone know approx when we can download the remastered version of gundam seed destiny?


September 14th 2013 (1 year and 5 months and 16 days)
Hmm... I see the 480p versions of Gundam Seed DESTINY HD REMASTER on but still no signs of it here. No one has an estimated time frame of when it might get released like SEED HD REMASTER on BakaBT?


September 20th 2013 (1 year and 5 months and 9 days)
We only get half of remaster version right now. Wait till next year. It also not the best Gundam series anyway, you lose nothing.


October 5th 2013 (1 year and 4 months and 25 days)
I think CHK have release Gundam Seed Destiny Remaster today..


October 17th 2013 (1 year and 4 months and 13 days)
» bashnma
We only get half of remaster version right now. Wait till next year. It also not the best Gundam series anyway, you lose nothing.

That's your opinion. Others can and will decide for themselves if they wish to pursue this series or not.

Having said that, all I want is the special OVA's, Destiny was mired compared to the original show, mostly due to Shinn's existence. That too however is merely my opinion :)


October 30th 2013 (1 year and 4 months and 13 hours)
Does anyone know if the SEED-Fansubs version is a dvdrip?

Not really a fan of the r1 subtitles


April 26th 2014 (10 months and 5 days)
So i imagine someone who bought the blu-rays is going to add the remaster soon? The stream is ok, but i really want to see it in hd.


July 9th 2014 (7 months and 22 days)
I don't know if I'm allowed to post this here or not but I did find a really good copy of the HD remaster here
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September 2nd 2014 (5 months and 28 days)
is anyone gonna put the one by @danhimself to bakabt?