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Type: Anime Series
Size: 13.50 GB (14,496,624,296) bytes
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per Day: 14.971
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Added: 13:52 pm on September 12th 2009
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June 17th 2014 (1 month and 11 days)
Episode 21 in this release has Japanese audio issues. I have redone the episode to the best of my ability to fix these issues. This is still a 1080p 8bit mkv with both English and Japanese dubs and subs.

Download Link:!wlgHRCZY!I7dNSCiS4abwLZwF3rBQ4oNhzc_s_7eljK_b9AtBTpc

- Japanese audio re-timed to match video
- Swapped and improved Japanese audio (now AC-3 320 kbps)
- Subtitles are re-timed to match audio.
- Replaced video with higher bit rate one (3,081 kbps -> 4,089 kbps)

Detailed Explanation:
I redid episode 21 much like Stanfoo however the subs are not hard-coded as I kept it as a mkv. I also kept the episode's name the same so that it would stay in the same spot in the folder as the original a-S's episode 21 it's meant to replace. In brackets you can identify that I made the fix and that it isn't the original. I also altered many other things of the episode to improve it.

The only things that remain of the original a-S release are the subs and the English audio. Everything else was replaced or altered. The video was replaced with a better copy with higher bitrate (3,081 kbps -> 4,089 kbps) but is still from the same source. It's a marginal improvement that also increases file size slightly but I figured since I was going to redo the episode, I might as well do it perfectly. The Japanese AAC audio has been upgraded to AC-3 320 kbps. This should be an improvement and is in sync with the video unlike a-S's version. The subs have also been re-timed to match more perfectly with the audio.

If there's syncing issues or any other issue I'll redo the episode if need be. Also all the files I used was from Cman's release of Fate/Stay Night. Though his episodes aren't bitrate starved like a-S's, his audio and sub styles are terrible. As a result a-S's release is still the best at 1080p.

If there's an admin or if a-S is still reading this you should replace episode 21 with this one or redo it. It doesn't make any sense for the Japanese dub to be so terribly out of sync.