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November 4<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2013 (3 years and 3 months and 24 days)
It is my weird super power.


May 27<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2014 (2 years and 9 months and 3 days)
I was just wondering what the difference between the streamline dub and manga entertainment dub was? I'm sorta new to anime... :-/ Thanks!


October 10<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2014 (2 years and 4 months and 19 days)
» Gioacchino
I was just wondering what the difference between the streamline dub and manga entertainment dub was? I'm sorta new to anime... :-/ Thanks!

The Streamline dub was an English-language version created in the early-to-mid-90s by, you guessed it, Streamline Pictures. This was one of the dubs Carl Macek was more infamous for, as he heavily reworked much of the film's dialogue (even adding in new content that was not even hinted in the original, like the Casino that Lupin and Jigen rob at the start of the film being government-run) and added extraneous dialogue to most of the film's quieter sequences (which, you might be familiar with, is a Miyazaki trademark), which many seem to agree was a poor move on his part. Needless to say, the Streamline dub is not looked upon fondly today.

The Manga Enterainment dub, however, is a different story. It was created in 2000, and is a far superior version. The script is much more faithful to the original Japanese dialogue (though things are tweaked to improve flow and clarity in English), the acting is much improved (the Streamline dub's acting sounded to "kiddy" for my tastes, and I like the more straightforward and realistic acting in the Manga dub), and it doesn't fill the film with unwanted jibberjabber, better preserving Miyazaki's intent with the feature. It also restores Lupin's name (the Streamline dub called him "Wolf", due to issues with the LeBlanc estate at the time).

If you have to watch the film in any dubed version, go for the Manga dub. It's one of the best versions of the film.

ViolentJ (80's Otaku)

January 13<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2015 (2 years and 1 month and 15 days)
nah I disagree with you on all levels ,streamline will always hold a special place for me, manga is just some weird version I never connected with, its all preference of the person watching,When I was younger thats all we had available no torrents all vhs an fan sub vhs trading through the mail with other fan clubs,so all streamline us renditions old school companies will always be ahead of anything else for me... :cool: I still have my streamline commercial vhs tapes of akira,cagliostro,robot carnival,  windaria etc....
Before you dictate what peoples preference's should be why don't you consider the connection and history of the titles that some of us have to the titles....


March 8<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2015 (1 year and 11 months and 22 days)
I'm crashing around the 9 min mark, when lupin and the princess are dangling over the ocean. Tried vlc and CCCP both crash at the same point, I'm also running a CRC check with rapidCRC and experiencing crashing issues.

Help please  :weep:

The file was corrupted. I opened it up in a hex editor and cut a section out and redownloaded the rest.


April 15<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2015 (1 year and 10 months and 15 days)
I accidentally posted this on the entry for the REVO encode:

Will the new Cagliostro encode include the 5.1 Manga Dub from the DVD since they said that it wouldn't hold up on the Blu-ray? You could put it as a lossy 5.1 option alongside the lossless 2.0 Blu-ray audio. Also it would be nice to include Reed Nelson's commentary.


February 25<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2016 (1 year and 3 days)
Love this movie.  All of them, really.
So, if I'm not mistaken, wasn't this episode used in a laser-disc arcade game?  I think it was called Cliffhanger.  Girl falling from the clock face with Liupin seemed familiar.