Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.torrent 1.09 GB info hash: ebe2b68008f22aff8c40301c1839650c84ac7c87
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Samples of this manga hosted by: Bakashots

Size: 1.09 GB (1,172,834,542) bytes
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Added: 22:42 pm on October 14th 2009
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November 17th 2012 (2 years and 5 months and 9 days)
nevermind i found my answer those who watch anime Season1 to season 2 and season 2 ending not related to manga it stop at library arc follow to this volume

volume 14 chapter 107 start from there!

OVA great give you shed tears 100%


June 22nd 2013 (1 year and 10 months and 5 days)
<3 CLAMP  :thumbsup:


July 25th 2013 (1 year and 9 months and 3 days)
Thanks for seeding :D


July 9th 2014 (9 months and 18 days)
Last day I finished watching the whole series and OVAS from TRC and I decided to get the manga in order to know how it ended. Thanks you for providing this torrent. I hope I will finished very soon to get the all manga.  :thumbsup:


August 22nd 2014 (8 months and 5 days)
is there a link to download the anime version?


January 9th 2015 (3 months and 17 days)
Incomplete tag because of?