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Type: Manga
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Added: 23:44 pm on February 6th 2010
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Uploaded by: PhoenixRe

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May 12th 2014 (2 months and 18 days)
» Ami Lia
Here, snir.

Uninstall your current Utorrent and use this one..

thankyou so much!


May 21st 2014 (2 months and 9 days)
Thanks PhoenixRe  :-D


May 31st 2014 (1 month and 29 days)
» illya_
@PhoenixRe - I have chapters 703-709 and 711-716 by mangarule. Sadly I do not got chapter 710, and I am not completely sure that they actually released it...(There is no chapter 710 in MangaUpdates lists of mangarules releases)
I uploaded them here for you.

(I also included a copy of mangastreams chapter 710)

Edit: I also uploaded chapter 710 by NewEraScan (sadly downloaded from Batoto) in case we never find a chapter 710 by MangaRule. Though I have not checked the quality of the chapter, they credit CCC as their translator. (And CCC is the translator MangaRule used when they didnt use CNET, and it was the translator Powermanga used until CCC had to stop).

i also have 710,though it's the same version(the new era one),i have the zip file which the scanlator posted on ap,if phoenix is interested.
also,i went through the omake and it seems you are missing three-family time,circus time and RPG time.i also have those,if you need


July 16th 2014 (13 days)
just a follow up on Quolete's commentary. Using his info i also shortlisted the best quality scan releases possible for one piece, which i've listed below and with commentary added. I'm using CDisplayEX and a 24'' Dell 2413 AH-IPS monitor to view the manga for my assessment.

Hope my analysis helped the One Piece collectors out there :}

PS: although initially i use this torrent as a starting point, i later replaced some of the scan releases for better ones as i mentioned in my post above.

So it's not necessarily following everything in the torrent file. It's after i had replaced some of it with the better ones currently available online to my knowledge

Regarding ch710 by newerascans, i found nothing wrong with it. It's definitely HQ.

I think the reason people were nitpicking about it was because mangarule did such a good job with their releases, so obviously you'd be tempted to want theirs if they ever did releases 710 (i don't know if they did or not).

But i'm pretty good with newerascans ch710 so not really worried about that.


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