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Gokinjo Monogatari | Neighborhood Story [Yuurisan-Subs]  

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Type: Anime Series
Size: 11.33 GB (12,167,121,894) bytes
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Added: 23:24 pm on March 14th 2010
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December 9th 2010 (4 years and 2 months and 23 days)
I was expecting this to be mediocre. I was pleasantly surprised.  I like it.


January 2nd 2011 (4 years and 1 month and 29 days)
"if you enjoyed shows such as NANA"

So...does this show have lots of sluts and casual sex with complete strangers ?


February 7th 2011 (4 years and 24 days)
@karra> This comment is a bit late, but oh well! It's one of my favourite works from Yazawa Ai - very cute and sweet, retro styling, interesting plot. At the core, it's nothing at all like Nana. And no one has random casual sex with strangers ;)