Bloody Monday

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Bloody Monday.torrent 6.92 GB info hash: 8780b262104621ea1c9def757ba4fdd158d1177e
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Added: 22:28 pm on March 20<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2010
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Uploaded by: Kazuyuki

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July 29<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2013 (1 year and 9 months and 25 days)
Big warning to anyone who wants to download and watch this, if you are fine with watching pretty boys, being pansy and cowardly feel free to watch. However if you are like me expecting a hero like steven segall, then you'll be very disappointed. I am getting high blood from the gutlessness of the protagonist. They don't have the guts, the rage, the insanity to kill anyone, very pathetic. Erasing your enemies from the face of the earth is common sense, they don't even have that. wimpy cries is all you get.