HAPPY☆LESSON [H264] [E-D & Zalis]

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March 1<sup><i>st</i></sup> 2014 (3 years and 24 days)
» macros74
For the foreseeable future this is the only option for a complete release of this OVA; an all dual-audio release will not happen.

Many thanks to Zalis116 for his hard work. :thumbsup:
I'm sure he will clarify any questions people might have about his video source and such.

I'll paraphrase Zalis on this: "I know these raws suck, someone please steal my subs and create a better encode."
Of course, that won't happen until someone acquires the R2J DVDs or .isos for eps 4 and 5, since they were never released in R1.
Getting these raws already was a lucky streak IIRC...

Trivia: the first OVA episode is the same as the first episode of the TV series.

I don't know how likely anyone is to care about it (hey, it was a really, REALLY old anime that never really took off) but I'm pretty sure (I moved recently so there's a to sort for me) that I have the last two OVAs (I caved in and picked them up YEARS back when the Yen was slaughtering the AUD) on DVD (I'm sure enough because I remember having to use my JP Xbox 360 to play them back), and I also have some of the various CD soundtracks.

I'd probably have to ask how to rip and do various things to make it suitable for general release though.