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Buddha Saitan | The Rebirth of Buddha [QTS]  MultiaudioHigh Definition

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August 18th 2012 (2 years and 4 months and 3 days)
» Ollin
So is this like... japanese scientology?

Yes exactly, it's from the Japanese front for scientology. :-)


August 18th 2012 (2 years and 4 months and 2 days)
No, it's not.


December 27th 2013 (11 months and 24 days)
... as far I can see it's got ALL the trademarks of scientology, the the weird personality based cultism, the use of significant historical/religious
((i.e.)Buddha) figures gains the viewers interest and then take us off on a completely different tangent, usually leading to the cultist idealisms that have no context the original concept being give. :whistle: