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Kiss x Sis (BD 720p) [Coalgirls]  LosslessHigh Definition

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Type: Anime Series
Size: 6.87 GB (7,379,132,130) bytes
Completed: 34598 time(s)
per Day: 23.532
Snatches: 66687
per Day: 45.357
Added: 18:04 pm on October 15th 2010
Ratio after Downloading: N/A
Peers: 218 peers - 214 seeders - 4 leechers
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Uploaded by: Duki3003

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January 23rd 2014 (9 months and 3 hours)
your kinda right lol


March 22nd 2014 (7 months and 3 days)
This isn't like nyuutorrents or piratebay or anything like that though, they don't do individual episode releases, only complete packs, or some kind of pack that makes sense, i.e. a season or something.

I'm all for keeping the current format, and the biggest reason I still get the majority of my anime from this website is because I know when I download something from here, it's got a pretty good end point in mind if not the conclusion of what I'm downloading. Too often will I look up series information on animnfo or animenewsnetwork to try to get an idea of shows to watch and figure out if they're done already, but end up with ridiculous spoilers from comments or poorly written synopsis.

Just my 2 cents though, I enjoy the full packs, since I binge watch series and all anyway over individual or incomplete things unless it's impossible to complete (looking at you, various canceled series).


April 9th 2014 (6 months and 15 days)
In this the 12 episode OVA??

Duki3003 (Pivotal Person - Administrator)

April 9th 2014 (6 months and 15 days)
This is the 12 episode series, OVA is currently at episode 10 and is still ongoing.


May 25th 2014 (4 months and 1 month and 14 hours)
I love it


June 8th 2014 (4 months and 16 days)
Something seems wrong with this torrent. I downloaded it and when I seed it says my files aren't there.
Edit: Nvm. my problem is solved.
Thanks for uploading this.


June 14th 2014 (4 months and 10 days)
I love KXS, shame they cant make OVA's any quicker.


July 20th 2014 (3 months and 5 days)
Is it uncensored??


July 26th 2014 (2 months and 29 days)
... I really need to downdate my uTorrent to use this? ... -.-'


July 26th 2014 (2 months and 29 days)
does anyone know when they will release the ova on bakabt ?