Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu [Light Novel] [PDF]  

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Samples of this manga hosted by: Bakashots

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May 31st 2012 (2 years and 9 months and 4 days)
is there anyone who has the anime of seasons 1 & 2??


May 31st 2012 (2 years and 9 months and 3 days)
» kenji_online
is there anyone who has the anime of seasons 1 & 2??

FFFpeeps done the eng sub for season 2. You won't find it on Bakabt as it's licensed by Funimation.


February 17th 2013 (2 years and 16 days)
anyone gonna update this, the last volume comes out in march and 10/11 are translated, with the last probably finished within a short time span. Would like to see this completed at that time.


March 4th 2013 (2 years and 1 day)
yay more Hideyoshi, the third Gender in Human history


March 20th 2014 (11 months and 15 days)
Just started reading this and saw that baka-tsuki has all the way up to volume 11 translated already, and a bit of 12.
Will this be updated once 12's done?


March 24th 2014 (11 months and 11 days)
yes. that's what I'm waiting for


August 31st 2014 (6 months and 3 days)
Will this torrent be updated with the 12th Volume since it has been completed?


September 1st 2014 (6 months and 2 days)
Yes it will. Give me some time do get things in order here, I still have a few things that need doing before starting my upload sprees ;)

Edit: I'll update the description soon

Edit2: Usurpation complete. Will add new somewhat more descriptive samples later


December 11th 2014 (2 months and 23 days)
i think i should note that Volumes 7 - 10 has illustrations that are not translated, Translators already fix/uploaded the translated illustrations


December 11th 2014 (2 months and 23 days)
I'll swap the files soon.

Will have to wait until early january. I'm to busy right now.

Edit: As no one has released updated PDFs yet, and PDFs made by would be a considerable drop in quality I'd suggest keeping the current files up there.