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Dada Baby

December 4th 2013 (1 year and 17 days)
» uae45654
how to make it japanese language and english subtitle ?  :weep:
do you have or use VLC or CCCP ? for VLC just configure it at video tab > subtitle track and audio > audio track. for CCCP configure at play tab > audio and subtitle


December 22nd 2013 (11 months and 29 days)
These files are only around 200 MB each, yet the 2.0 audio tracks are 256 Kbps each. Doesn't leave much room for video. But further to that, when was the last time anybody saw a DVD with 2.0 AC3 audio @ 256 Kbps? Even blu-rays have a standard bitrate of 224 Kbps for 2.0, and DVDs are 192 Kbps. Can anybody confirm if the DVDs came with this 256 Kbps, or if this is another case of an encoder thinking he can magically add detail by umping the bitrate higher than the source? EDIT: I just saw that E-D's encode also uses 256 Kbps, so I guess the DVDs really did use that.

My other beef with this encode is that the video uses 16 reference frames. I realize many encoders use 16 as well (the maximum possible), and every single one of them obviously don't know what reference frames are, and didn't do any research on them before simply cranking them to their maximum value. The gains beyond 6 are virtually non-existent, but will seriously bog down slower devices, or just be completely unplayable. (ie: Some hardware devices only have 6 frame buffers.) Any proper H.264 documentation will tell you to never use high values here.


April 19th 2014 (8 months and 2 days)
great upload for a great series  :thumbsup:

:!:spoilers below :!:
it's sad that it kinda lost its edge after episode 25. the deterioration becomes obvious when in the beginning they made extremely well thought out plans and deductions seem minor, whereas towards the end they tried to overglorify really simple actions. nevertheless, it is definitely worth watching


August 3rd 2014 (4 months and 18 days)
I was kind of disappointed when they didn't announce a blu-ray release at the announcement of death note 10 year anniversary.


August 19th 2014 (4 months and 2 days)
Yea was hoping there would be a remastered version with a blu-ray announced.

And I just checked Yellow Flash's release, seems like the video quality is slightly better, and there's an option to choose to use the DVD's subtitle or TSR's subtitle, downsides are its without english dub audio and OP ED without karaoke, but those are not very important to me so I would choose Yellow Flash's release over this one.

Maybe someone should offer it here on bakabt


August 28th 2014 (3 months and 24 days)
hello everyone, I've watched this series and really liked it. I thought it was raising good questions and I loved how the hero is actually an antihero, so i would like to find other animes like this, that is to say with characters and  story that are not "manichean".

So I'm obviously asking for suggestions, the theme isn't too important it can be about anything : sports, fights, magic, science-fiction, harem, logic, school life, etc, I really don't mind much.

Also I would demand that the animes you guys suggest are available on Bakabt.

I really hope I'm not asking too much and I'm thanking in advance those who will answer my request.


August 29th 2014 (3 months and 23 days)
We need Blu ray for this c'mon :weep:


September 26th 2014 (2 months and 25 days)
This needs a comparison with Darkdream.

November 30th 2014 (21 days)
:-D I freaking loved this series  :love: :love:

November 30th 2014 (21 days)
» theUgly
We need Blu ray for this c'mon :weep: