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Daa! Daa! Daa! | UFO Baby (Season 1) [XviD] [AonE]  

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Type: Anime Series
Size: 6.60 GB (7,088,171,008) bytes
Completed: 2515 time(s)
per Day: 2.179
Snatches: 6326
per Day: 5.481
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Added: 17:51 pm on September 3rd 2011
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Peers: 29 peers - 28 seeders - 1 leechers
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Uploaded by: macros74

Last edited: 3 years and 2 months and 2 days
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February 11th 2013 (1 year and 8 months and 18 days)
Thanks! love this anime, reminds me of my childhood.  :-)
Please seed.  :smile: Thanks again.


October 5th 2013 (1 year and 26 days)
» pollyisbored
Thanks! love this anime, reminds me of my childhood.  :-)
Please seed.  :smile: Thanks again.

you took care of an alien child and his sitter pet as a child!?  I'm kinda jealous...


November 2nd 2013 (11 months and 28 days)


November 19th 2013 (11 months and 11 days)
ooooh!!! I have been looking for this. Now i can add this in my collection. And yes, i agree, this reminds me of my childhood too. I wish i took care of an alien baby... but... oh well.  ;-)


March 26th 2014 (7 months and 6 days)
I love this anime! Pls seed!  :-D

btw, ep78 is the only one left right?

i hope it gets released soon!  :thumbsup:


August 7th 2014 (2 months and 24 days)
All episodes have been subbed.


October 20th 2014 (11 days)
Can anyone tell me why my files won't download?? Other files not from this site downloads normally but any any file from here always stays in "finding peers" state. Can anyone tell me why 'cause I like this series and really want it.

macros74Donator (Obtainer of Ye Olden Anime)

October 20th 2014 (11 days)
I would check here first:


October 20th 2014 (11 days)
Thanks. But unfortunately my downloader version isn't whitelisted or will be any time soon. I will check updates if there are any.
Thanks again.  :thumbsup: