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Daa! Daa! Daa! | UFO Baby (Season 1) [XviD] [AonE]  

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Type: Anime Series
Size: 6.60 GB (7,088,171,008) bytes
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Added: 17:51 pm on September 3rd 2011
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February 11th 2013 (1 year and 7 months and 11 days)
Thanks! love this anime, reminds me of my childhood.  :-)
Please seed.  :smile: Thanks again.


October 5th 2013 (11 months and 18 days)
» pollyisbored
Thanks! love this anime, reminds me of my childhood.  :-)
Please seed.  :smile: Thanks again.

you took care of an alien child and his sitter pet as a child!?  I'm kinda jealous...


November 2nd 2013 (10 months and 20 days)


November 19th 2013 (10 months and 4 days)
ooooh!!! I have been looking for this. Now i can add this in my collection. And yes, i agree, this reminds me of my childhood too. I wish i took care of an alien baby... but... oh well.  ;-)


March 26th 2014 (5 months and 29 days)
I love this anime! Pls seed!  :-D

btw, ep78 is the only one left right?

i hope it gets released soon!  :thumbsup:


August 7th 2014 (1 month and 16 days)
All episodes have been subbed.