Kimi ni Todoke: The Movie [480p]

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September 6<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2012 (4 years and 6 months and 22 days)
» mestrix
The anime is one of the best animes I've seen. It's so cute and made me cry so many times. Def. worth watching.

i agree, it is! :">


March 25<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2013 (4 years and 5 days)
thanks to the uploader for sharing this; i'd wanted to see it for a while and was glad to find it here.

however, i disagree with other people here who recommend this.  the anime is charming, in large part because we are privy to sawako's inner voice, how literal she takes things, how naive/innocent she is, how genuinely kind she is.  the work stands out among other romances because the old trope of misunderstandings driving the plot is actually forgiveable because sawako is truly innocent, not stupidly jealous or whatever other immature traits usually turn me off shoujo romance plots. and she really grows up and comes into her own; it's not at all just about getting the boy.

this live action film takes that inner voice away from us, which sucks all the charm right out of it, and it becomes another tired retread where the shy girl gets the boy despite plotting by the rival.  part of the joy of the romance lies in the slow growth and realization of sawako's feelings, and the patience kazehaya shows in not pushing her, which the film compresses down so much that it not longer works.  sorry, but *yawn*; everything that makes the anime great is absent here.  i also think sawako is miscast; tabe miyako looks pouty rather than gloomy -- compare this with oomasa aya in yamato nadeshiko shichi henge, who does a much better job at both gloomy/scary and the radiant transformation.

the best aspects are chizuru, ayane, and ryu who are well cast and portrayed, but their roles are cut down compared to the anime.  i would say don't waste your time if you have not seen the anime yet; watch that instead.


November 5<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2014 (2 years and 4 months and 23 days)
Hi guys, everytime I try to download this I just get stuck at finding peers in Torrent.  :weep: Do you know how I can make this work? My sister and I are really looking forward to watching it soon. Thank you!  :-D


February 10<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2016 (1 year and 1 month and 18 days)
is there a second movie :?:
this looks like only from season one or did I miss alot of things  :?: