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Type: Live Action
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April 29th 2013 (1 year and 11 months and 27 days)
Just finished watching the entire thing and I have to say that although it doesn't compare much to the manga nor the anime in terms of certain character personality or some minor details like setting and such. It's still quite interesting to watch and enjoyable.

~Live Action can't replicate much from an original manga/anime but this one is still worth watching.


May 9th 2013 (1 year and 11 months and 17 days)
A great show. Loved it.


June 24th 2013 (1 year and 10 months and 2 days)
So excited to see this! Can't wait for my dl to finish! Thanks!  :love:


July 10th 2013 (1 year and 9 months and 16 days)


July 26th 2013 (1 year and 9 months and 6 hours)
Not that excited about live action versions. The acting tends to be robotic and dry and most of the time you already know what's going to happen since they strictly follow the format the manga or anime have established. However, since I'm a YĆ«ko Ichihara fan I'll give it a go. I just hope this doesn't ruin my experience with the previous incarnations.


August 12th 2013 (1 year and 8 months and 14 days)
wasn't [M-L] subbing this?


September 7th 2013 (1 year and 7 months and 17 days)
Stopped caring after episode 3...   :hmmm:

The special FX are pretty much the only kinda cool thing in this show, other than the that.. The actors? Bad, the acting? Worse, the music, dialogue, story and anything else? Downright embarrassing! It's boring and not scary at all! Definitely one of the WORST manga/anime - Live adaption films i've ever seen.   :thumbsdown:  :nugget:


September 14th 2013 (1 year and 7 months and 11 days)
I appreciate the intention of sharing and all but still I have to be honest about the experience this show brought me.

So that being said,

Ugh... It's terrible. I can't even force myself to finish the first episode. But still I gave it a chance and tried a couple more episodes to see if picks up...
What a waste of time.


June 8th 2014 (10 months and 18 days)
It was quite enjoyable :whistle:

Ami Lia

September 20th 2014 (7 months and 5 days)
For fuck sake, why bother commenting if you don't like it? Stupid shit.

show m3rcy

December 25th 2014 (4 months and 1 day)
arigato gozaimasu