Otoboku 2 | Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Futari no Elder [HDTV] [Anime-Koi]  High Definition

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Added: 17:31 pm on May 19th 2013
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macros74Donator (Obtainer of Ye Olden Anime)

May 17th 2013 (11 months and 2 days)
It wasn't here yet (probably for a reason?)...  ;-)

Anime-Koi released a Blu-ray episode 1 (1080p) and stated they would release the other two eps later on (also in 720p and 10bit), but the last mention of this was in december 2012.

SeventyX7 (Gender Bent - Power Uploader)

May 18th 2013 (11 months and 1 day)
I always preferred the Otoboku 2 couple to the first one.

Black Ace

May 18th 2013 (11 months and 1 day)
didn't know this has an anime, just recently trying to read the vn


May 19th 2013 (10 months and 30 days)
» Black Ace
didn't know this has an anime, just recently trying to read the vn

I've yet to play the VN myself. I don't know how good it is. I saw the anime TV version, thou'. I've yet to see this OVA.


May 19th 2013 (10 months and 30 days)
The VN for the original is really fun because you can have your favorite girl win instead of Tsundaralle and the VA are different in the VN then in the anime.  From what I know this one focuses more on drama then on comedy like the original.  Do Kana and Yukari make any appearances in this, because this take place during their senior year IIRC?


May 20th 2013 (10 months and 30 days)
cute little series :D


May 21st 2013 (10 months and 29 days)
that last screen gets a smile on my face  :love:

nagisa aoi

October 31st 2013 (5 months and 18 days)
I really did not like this at all :/

I wanted to enjoy It the series was really good but this OVA has no pacing and things go far too fast (one episode has probably about 6 semi separate story arcs) and the entire SUDDEN DRAMA! followed by SUDDEN DRAMA! gets really annoying
why could this not have had one or two more episodes? it would have actually been watchable