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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) [720p] [Commie]  High Definition

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February 11th 2014 (2 months and 3 days)
» Cuan
The "historical reasons" argument has been tried on shows with much more drastic changes (e.g. Madoka), and BDs have still replaced the TV versions.

And with BDs out, there is little point in keeping this offer up (unless Commie's subs are for some reason deemed superior to the official ones).

If everyone is so set on Commie, they are already releasing the BDs and will eventually finish (Before summer?). It would be pointless to approve this TV version now, when there are other groups already released complete batch of the official BDrip (eg. DmonHiro, Bunny Hat, JoJo) which in turn supersedes this version.

I have the subtitle files for Commie, gg, Nutbladder if anyone wants to compare them.


April 5th 2014 (10 days)
» Tetsuryu
But that in turn is just copyright-related censorship. "Wham" is a reference to the 80's pop group.

You not only don't know the difference between copyrights and trademarks, and you know even less about JJBA.
Yes, they are band references. "Wamuu", "Esidisi" and "Kars" are also the official names that have been written as such, in English, in an official reference book dating back to 1993. "Straizo" as well. Other reference books written since haven't contradicted this. Using this as a reason NOT to use the official BD subs is weak reasoning that stinks of people astroturfing for their favorite group.

So yeah, I'd rather have the official BD subs on here. The only thing that Commie has over other groups is that they typeset the manga-style FX. Unless they can really rework the TL for their batch, then whatever they do eventually put out for their BD rerelease isn't worthy of being on here either. Nothing personal.
gg's was unwatchable trollsubs. Nutbladder was heavy hit or miss, and the guy doing it is MIA. MMM's was okay but features a lot of quirks from their toku subs. Buddywaters was okay softsubs but basically on the same level as a pro TL, so why use that over the official script anyway? Anyone else, including my own QUALITY slowsub group GetBack which I'm not afraid to mention, isn't worth mentioning. PUT THE OFFICIAL SUBS UP ALREADY.


April 8th 2014 (8 days)
Well, i hope that at least HS releases this one in 480p (CR got the license, they're going to upload the other part next friday) so we can have one version of JoJo's here <_<