Millennium Snow

Alternative Titles: Sennen no Yuki, A Thousand Years of Snow, A Thousandth Snow
Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Supernatural, Shoujo
Year: 2001-2002
Volumes: 2
Chapters: 10
Author: HATORI Bisco
Artist: HATORI Bisco
Rating: 7.22 (ANN), 8.2 (M-U), 7.83 (MAL)
Group: Shoujo Magic ([email protected]), Impossibility ([email protected])
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Millennium Snow focuses on Chiyuki Matsuoka, a high school girl hospitalized with a heart problem. Since birth her heart has been very weak and she was told that she would probably live to be only fifteen. However, one day she meets Tōya Kanō, a vampire, with the opposite problem: Tōya lives for about one thousand years. It's customary for a vampire at his age of eighteen to choose a human partner to be with for 1000 years who in turn would let him drink their blood and share his life span for the millennium. Chiyuki offers Tōya her blood, so that she would be able to live longer.
Includes an extra story, A Romance of One Moment.
The author is on indefinite hiatus from this series for working on Ouran Koukou Host Club. Whether or not it will be continued is uncertain.