Hime-chan's Ribbon

姫ちゃんのリボン ~ Hime-chan no Ribbon

Year: 1992-93
Categories: Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Magical Girls, Middle School, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Release Data Episodes 01-18 Episodes 19-61
Subbing Group: Honobono Tomodachi Anime Fansub
Container: .avi .asf
Video 640x480 4:3 23.976 fps XviD (~850 kBit/s) 320x240 4:3, MS MP4x & WMV1/2 (bitrates & framerates unknown)
Audio 1 Japanese, 1.0 Mono MP3 CBR (96 kBit/s) Japanese, 2.0 Stereo MSAudio (64 kBit/s)
Subtitle 1English, hardsubs English, hardsubs

Note: I don't want to hear any complaints about low A/V quality in episodes 19-61. Well, you can complain about them if you want, but it won't do you any good, as these are the only files available for those episodes until such time as Honobono continues/completes the series.

Like many girls her age, Himeko Nonohara deals with ordinary issues, like being the middle child of her family, an overbearing homeroom teacher, playing soccer and getting labeled a tomboy, trying to catch the attention of the boy she likes, and dealing with the taunting of the class bad boy. But unlike most girls her age, Himeko receives a visit from Erika, princess of the Magic Kingdom, who gives her a magical ribbon that allows Himeko to take the form of whoever she wishes. While Himeko is reluctant to use the ribbon's power at first, she soon finds herself transforming in order to solve her own and others' problems, despite all the cautions from her newly-talkative stuffed lion, Pokota. As she struggles not to abuse the ribbon's power and keep its secrets safe from others, Himeko learns that magic sometimes creates more problems than it solves. And for some reason, everyone's thinking that she and class bad boy Daichi Kobayashi are an item...

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Uploader Comments: For some detailed thoughts about Hime-chan's Ribbon, please see its (currently) one and only AniDB review written by me. Basically, HCR is one of if not the last "traditional" Magical Girl anime, from the era before Sailor Moon introduced the combat-team/monster-fighting elements to the genre. It's a very cute/innocent/heartwarming show, and may be too schmaltzy and sentimental for some tastes. This is what Magical Girl look like when they're truly aimed at pre-teen girls, as opposed to more modern male-otaku-oriented series like Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

As for these files, I'll answer the question that I'm sure is on everybody's mind: yes, eps 19-61 are decidedly low-quality, as you might have guessed from the file info. It's files like these that make me protest at present-day 700x400 .avi files being called "low-res" or "low-quality." But they are watchable, and as I stated above, they are the only versions available if you want to watch this show. There may be some corruption issues, but my CRCs match what's on AniDB, so any problems were present in the files before I ever DLed them.

Normally I wouldn't have bothered uploading this version on Box due to the LQ files and the non-standard format. However, the torrent linked on AnimeSuki for HCR has been inactive for close to a year, so I wanted to make the series available on BitTorrent again. If anyone's thinking "Hey, .asf isn't an approved container!", please see the forum thread where I asked about uploading these files.

Fortunately, the subbing quality in eps 19-61 is far better than their A/V quality. And incidentally, the h-b releases are updates of Tomodachi's subs, so big thanks to Tomodachi for subbing this whole series way back in the days of VHS, and special thanks to whoever digitized the Tomodachi tapes. I'm guessing it might have been Garylisk from the Fans-of-Tenchi group, who also digitized the VKLL Sailor Stars VHS release.

First 5 screenshots are from h-b, last 5 are from Tomodachi.
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