Hana no Mahou Tsukai Marybell | Floral Magician Mary Bell | 花の魔法使いマリーベル
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Series Information
Air Dates: 03 Feb 1992 till 18 Jan 1993
Episodes: 50 with run times of about 24 min each
Categories: Comedy, Fantasy, Kodomo, Magic, Mahou Shoujo
Director: Endou Tetsuya
Production: Ashi Productions
File Information
Group: Honobono
Video: 640 x 480 Xvid at ~1000 Kbps in .avi container from DVD source
Audio: Japanese Language MP3:
Episodes 2 - 17 are mono at 64 Kbps, Episodes 18 - 25 are stereo at 80 Kbps, Episodes 26 -38 , 45 & 46 are stereo as 112 Kbps, 43 is stereo at 96 Kbps, 1 & 48 -50 are stereo at 128 Kbps , All others are stereo at 106 to 109 Kbps
Subtitles: English Language Hard Subs
Comments: Floral Magician Mary Bell is a charming anime mainly for younger girls. The hidden theme is rather deep and serious, but the overall atmosphere is cute, light, and comical. This heartwarming show was directed by Endō Tetsuya, who also worked as the assistant director on My Neighbor Totoro. High-quality drawings were achieved by animation directors including Chiba Yuriko, one of the most outstanding sakuga kantoku in Japan... (More at the release groups web site)
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This is a story about a Mary Bell, a little witch with a magical tambourine, and her two friends, Ken and Yuuri. With the help of Mary Bell's magical power, Ken and Yuuri life is filled with magical adventures and music. And when everytown of SunnyBell is in trouble, Mary Bell with the help of her magical tambourine can transform into a superheroine (or supposedly a heroine...) (from AniDB)