Gibomai | Step Sister | 犠母妹
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Year:25.10.2002 till 28.03.2003
Categories:Hentai, Anal, BDSM, Bondage, Dildos - Vibrators, Female Students, High School, Incest, Office Lady, Sex, Virgins
Director:Somy Chiba, Sano Hiroaki, Tatsuya Tanaka, Nishizawa Takeshi
Production:Selen, Mooky Animation, Studio Blue, Discovery

Video:640x480 | H.264/AVC | 29.97 fps | ~1285 kbps
Audio:Ogg Vorbis | 48000Hz 2.0 stereo | ~190 kbps
Subtitle:English Softsubbed
Comments:Episodes 1 & 2 of 2, softsubbed and dual audio. And of course, uncensored. Based on a game by SELEN. ED Theme song "Sensitive" performed by KOTOKO.
Sub Group's Sources: DVD.

Wakao Kazuma, a renown painter, dies of heart disease leaving behind a large estate. He just happened to be married to a much younger woman, Megumi. At the time of his death, Kyosuke, his son, who didn't like the relationship between the two, tells Megumi to leave the house. So, Megumi counter proposes that he can do anything he wants to Yuna, her daughter and his step-sister, if they are allowed to stay in his house. Naturally, Kyosuke accepts.. after all, they aren't blood-related, right? This leads all three down a path that no one expected.