Yuugen Kaisha | Phantom Quest Corp.
Episodes:4 (+ special)
Categories:Action, Bounty Hunters, Comedy, Daily Life, Demons, Detective, Magic, Super Power, Vampires
Director:Koichi Chigira et al.
Production:Domu, Madhouse Studios, Borderline

Group:Exiled-Destiny [E-D]
Video:MKV (H264), 640x480 (4:3), VFR (~1654 kBit/s)
Audio:English & Japanese, 2.0 AC3 (384 kBit/s)
Subtitles:English soft unstyled subs (SRT) & English soft image subs (VobSubs)
Comments:"This OVA has been compared many times to Ghost Sweeper Mikami, so any fan of that series should definitely check out Phantom Quest."

OP - That's You-Gen-Kai-Sha by Rica Matsumoto
ED - Mahiru no Tokai by Rica Matsumoto

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Note:The special (Japanese audio only) is a 22 minute omake/making of.

There are many types of businesses in the world. However Japan has one business that is unlike any other. It deals with the extermination of monsters, demons, ghosts and the like. This company is called You-Gen-Kai-Sya or Phantom Quest Corp. The head of the company is Ayaka Kisaragi. As strange as the concept of Phantom Quest Corp. sounds to other people, the concept of how someone like Ayaka can actually be the head of this company is even more baffling. With her late nights of drinking, karaoke and difficulty getting up in the morning, not to mention her irresponsibility with money, it's surprising that she gets any work done. Somehow, however, she manages to get things done. Somehow...