Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo | Young Kindaichi's Casebook
Categories:Detective, School Life
Director:Daisuke Nishio
Production:Toei Animation, Dentsu Inc., Kodansha, Yomiuri TV

Group:Studio Tomo
Video:AVI (XviD), 720x480, 29.97 fps (681 kBits/s)
Audio:Japanese, 2.0 Stereo PCM (512 kBit/s)
Subtitles:English hard subs
Comments:Duration: 94 minutes

OP - Justice For True Love by The Alfee

This release has been cropped, video source was a bootleg, subtitles have grammar and spelling errors, and the timing could also have been better. But this is the best version available. One for the fans...

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Hajime Kindaichi, grandson of the famous detective Kousuke Kindaichi, travels with his childhood friend Miyuki to Uta Island for a special performance of The Phantom of the Opera. However, once they arrive, the actors begin to be murdered in mysterious ways; who better than Kindaichi to solve this unsolvable crime? With the Phantom himself as a suspect, Kindaichi will need to use his strongest wits to track down the murderer, before more lives are taken.
Source: Anime-Planet

Kindaichi Case Files is a serialized Japanese mystery manga series based on the crime solving adventures of a high school student, Hajime Kindaichi, the supposed grandson of the famous (fictional) private detective Kosuke Kindaichi. They are written by Yozaburo Kanari or Seimaru Amagi (depending on series) and illustrated by Fumiya Sato.