Uta Kata
うた ♥ かた

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Original TV Airing Date
03.10.2004 till 19.12.2004
(12 + 1 OVA)
Ecchi, Fantasy, Magic, Mahou Shoujo, Middle School, Nudity, Pantsu, Plot Continuity, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Shoujo Ai
Director Production
Polished Subs
(DVD encodes by NAG)
720x544 (4:3) | h.264 / AVC | ~1,500 kbs | ~24 fps
Japanese | 48.0 KHz Stereo AC3 | ~192 kbs
English, ASS (Original subs and translations by Any-Spork)

((OPTIONAL: "user edited" subs tweaked for grammar, structure, etc in various sections added as torrent attachments for optional usage on August 2012. These modified .ass files will need to be loaded per episode. View commentary and minor details on all this on the later part of this commentary page))
14 Year old Tachibana Ichika went to Kamakura Girl High School with her friend - Satsuki who had a sturdy mind, Keiko who was a gentle girl and Michiru who has something mysterious about her. On the last day of the first term, after home room, Ichika lost a valued possession while she was cleaning. Remembering where she may have left it, she returns to the school at night to get it. While searching, Ichika stumbles across a large, broken mirror. Upon examination, Manatsu, a mysterious girl from inside the mirror, steps out and offers to return Ichika's misplaced valuable in exchange for doing her "homework" (experience the power of the spiritual life forces and write about her feelings). Now, Manatsu must help Ichika unlock the powers of the 12 Djinn in order to complete the magical training while a mysterious presence from the other side of the mirror observes Ichika's struggle to absorb the raw power of nature... Perhaps this is all something that will prove too difficult a task - as some offers are too good to be true... Will this one turn out to do more harm than good?
Episode 13 OVA: Twin Summers of the Early Winter
(Highlight following segment for description/spoiler):
It's now winter in Kamakura and half a year has passed since Ichika's memorable summer vacation. When Satsuki tells her friends that she'd seen the lost Manatsu, Ichika at first doesn't believe it. But on the day before her 15th birthday, Manatsu's mirror fragment which had been tucked away inside a desk drawer mysteriously disappears. Could this possibly mean a reunion with a close friend? That evening, a young girl calling herself "Mafuyu, Manatsu's Identical Twin" appears before Ichika with a mischievous smirk on her face.