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Alternative Titles : 巌窟王, The count of Monte Cristo
Genres : Drama, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Seinen
Year : 2005
Mangakas : GONZO (Story) and MAEDA Mahiro (Art)
Length : 3 volumes (17 chapters)
Rating (M-U / MAL) : 8/10 (15 votes) / 7.6/10 (scored by 56 users)
Scanlator : Version4
Publishers : Kodansha (JAP), Del Rey (ENG)
Related : Gankutsuou (Anime/Adoptation)
Plot Summary
(from Del Rey)
While vacationing on the moon, Albert, a young Parisian nobleman, meets the Count of Monte Cristo, a fabulously rich aristocrat from the far reaches of the galaxy. Fascinated by the count’s sophistication and intelligence, Albert is unaware of the older man’s dark purpose: to enact revenge for a terrible act of betrayal committed against him twenty-five years ago. Soon, all of Paris, including Albert’s own mother and father, will feel the terror of the count’s vengeance.
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