Over four decades ago, Yoshihiro Tastsumi expanded the horizons of comics storytelling by using the visual language of manga to tell gritty, literary short stories about the private lives of everyday people. He has been called "the grandfather of Japanese alternative comics" and has influenced generations of cartoonists, but, until now, the majority of his works has remained unavailable outside of Japan. Good-Bye is an unblinking examination of the aftersock of war, and, fittingly, among the most searing, outrageous, and humane work from this modern master.
- Manga-Updates
Remarkable, amazing... prepare to be disturbed and blown away.
- The Los Angeles Time Book Review
Manga as nihilist social commentary... A revealing time capsule and a strangely moving portrait of survival n a land where everethyng is changeing.
- Time Mazazine
These tales are unlike anything publishen in the U.S. before or since, and it's gratifying that America is now catching up with Tatsumi's genius.
- Booklist

Title: Good-Bye
Mangaka: TATSUMI Yoshihiro (story and art)
Genres: Drama, Historical, Mature, Psychological, Slice of Life, Tragedy, Gekiga
Demographic: Seinen
Year: 1971 to 1972
Length: 1 volume (9 chapters)
Scanners: Illuminati-Manga
Publishers: Drawn & Quarterly (ENG)

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