Helter Skelter
Movie Information
Air Date: July 14th 2012
Duration: 2 hours 6 minutes
Categories: Drama, Suspense, Celebrity Life, Plastic Surgery
Direction: Mika Ninagawa
Production: WOWOW Films, Cine Bazar
File Information
Encode: YYeTs
Video: 1280x690 16:9 h.264 4696 kBit/s
Audio: Japanese 6ch DTS 1509 kBit/s
Subtitles: English unstyled softsubs (SRT)

Based on the manga 'Helter Skelter' by Okazaki Kyoko.

After extensive unorthodox plastic surgery, Lilico reaches the pinnacle of beauty, and her success as a model and actress skyrockets. However as a result of the vigorous maintenance her surgery requires, her body begins to deteriorate and along with it so does her mind, as she plummets towards a frightening and inevitable end.