Midnight Eye Gokuu | MIDNIGHT EYE ゴクウ | Goku: Midnight Eye
Midnight Eye Gokuu II | MIDNIGHT EYE ゴクウII | Goku II: Midnight Eye
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OVA Information
Aired: 27.01.1989 & 22.12.1989
Episodes: 2 x ~50 mins
Categories: Action, Cyberpunk, Detective, Genetic Modification, Human Enhancement, Manga, Nudity, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Super Power, Tragedy, Violence
Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Production: Madhouse Studios
File Information
Group: AnimePreciseCircle [APC]
Video: 704x528 (4:3) | 23.976 fps | H264/AVC | ~600 kBit/s
Audio: Vorbis | 2.0 Stereo | ~100 kBit/s | #1 Japanese | #2 English
Subtitles: English Softsubs | SRT
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Summary (Goku: Midnight Eye)

"Though Goku gave up being a cop to become a detective, his sense of loyalty never faded. Thus, when someone starts killing his former colleagues, he has to get involved. The job might be more than he can handle, however, as he's up against not only a half woman/half motorcycle cyborg, but also the creator of the strange eyes that have been driving his friends to destruction! Death seems likely, but the tables may turn once a mysterious benefactor implants a computer in his left eye -- a computer that can obtain any information, control any device, even destroy the world! " (Source: Anime-Planet)

Summary (Goku II: Midnight Eye)

"Goku, the private detective with a computerized eye, is back! With the ability to retrieve any data he needs and control any machine he desires, there isn't a criminal he can't take down. When the mysterious Ryouko Kadoma hires him to find her missing brother, he's as interested in the client as the case, but with the military's robotic hounds on his trail, he knows there must bemore to the case than meets the eye. Uncovering a history of genetic experimentation, coverups, and a quest for revenge, Goku soon discovers he's up against someone with powers that match his own! " (Source: Anime-Planet)