~ Glassy Ocean | Kujira no Chouyaku | クジラの跳躍 ~
Production Information
Year: 1998
Episodes: 1 (22.5 min)
Categories: Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, Parallel Universe, Androids, Art, Mina
Director: Tamura Shigeru (たむらしげる)
Production: Project Team Sara, Ai ga areba Daijobu CO. LTD., Bandai Visual
File Information
Group: English subs: JollyRoger (JR)
DVD rip, OCR: fong
Video: 10-bit H264 836x480 (16:9) 23.976fps ~700 kBit/s
Audio: Japanese 5.1 Surround AC3 (448 kBit/s, 48 kHz)
Subtitles: English styled subs (ASS)
Comments: 10-bit H264 836x480 (16:9) R2J DVD rip made by fong with English softsubs
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A Piece of Phantasmagoria

Infinite time stopped beating its heart, and the oceans of the world silently slowed to an imperceptible crawl. I find myself wandering alone on a sea frozen like glass, with only a cat and the music of the Moon Tribe keeping me company. Waves crest up like icy mountains before my eyes. Tiny spheres of foam and surf float suspended in the air, and fish leap through the sky above me. A whale breaches the serene surface, only to return all too soon to its watery abode. Long ago when things were different, that leap would've been over in an instant, an ephemeral moment in time that vanishes like a bubble on a needle. But in this marine expanse of infinitesimally incremental time, the leap lasts half a day. Or maybe more; it's not possible to know. People bring food and drink, and station themselves for hours to watch the static spectacle. I am reminded of old friends now departed, lost to the cold vortex of oblivion, or to the stolen seconds on the clock that ticks away our inexorable fate. Where did they go? Where did I go? Was I anywhere, before I was here? Were they? What was it I once did, that once-important task that no longer matters to anyone...