~ Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru | NouCome | NouKome~
Year: 2013
Episodes: 10
Categories: Ecchi, Comedy, Novel, Parody
Director: Inagaki Takayuki
Production: Diomedea
Group: HorribleSubs
Video: H264/AVC 848x480 (16:9) 23.976 fps (~770 kBit/s)
Audio: Japanese 2.0 Stereo AAC, (~96 kBit/s)
Subtitles: English soft subs (.ASS)
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Kanade Amakusa is a high school student who is suffering from a curse called "Absolute Choices." This curse requires him to select an action from a list of two or three options that appear before him at any time, and has no control over what choices appear. Many of them are weird or perverse and as a result, the curse has tainted his reputation with his classmates and other people around him, making his life very difficult. However, one day, a choice he makes on his way home from school causes a mysterious, beautiful young girl to fall from the sky.