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Screenshots of this anime hosted by: Bakashots

Type: OVA
Size: 761.12 MB (798,096,174) bytes
Completed: 45351 time(s)
per Day: 13.890
Snatches: 21594
per Day: 6.614
Link: This title on AniDB
Added: 4:50 am on May 10th 2005
Ratio after Downloading: N/A
Peers: 5 peers - 4 seeders - 1 leechers
Last Activity: 1 min
Last seed: 1 min
Uploaded by: ful

Last edited: 21 days
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June 6th 2008 (5 years and 10 months and 11 days)
A loli is fine, but don't break it  :whistle:


September 9th 2011 (2 years and 7 months and 8 days)
hm sounds interesting


March 31st 2013 (1 year and 17 days)
need someone to seed to me... so i can seed more :D