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Type: Soundtrack
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January 14th 2006 (8 years and 11 months and 6 days)
cool.. is the anime anywhere in box ?


January 14th 2006 (8 years and 11 months and 6 days)
Nope, this anime is from this year. Only episode 1 and a Omake is out so far.....Anime-Fansubs and C1Anime are currently subbing it, there might be an additional group later.


January 14th 2006 (8 years and 11 months and 6 days)
Many thanks kento.  I actually posted a request for this back in December, so I'm glad to see it on the Box.  Maybe now I can get this song out of my head.


January 19th 2006 (8 years and 11 months and 1 day)
I think I got this one before or after New Years...... I would\'ve uploaded it sooner but it took some time to get uploader status.....


January 26th 2006 (8 years and 10 months and 24 days)
Coo, first episode of I"s Pure was pretty good. :D
OST is ok, not very special but still worth a listen to.


January 31st 2006 (8 years and 10 months and 19 days)
WOW kento youre so cool, so fine you blow my mind!


February 1st 2006 (8 years and 10 months and 18 days)
HA, Ha, ha, very funny..... :P


February 3rd 2006 (8 years and 10 months and 16 days)
kento-san... can you please tell me where to find info on the tracks?.. like a track list... please!!


February 4th 2006 (8 years and 10 months and 15 days)
Sorry for the slow reply, classes are on agin.......... I have no idea right now; I got this from a third source.... If I find it then I\'ll tell you. :|

Most uploaders don\'t even put pics or tracklist with their OST......only the music is important, you\'ll be lucky if some upload a OST with even any pics or tracklist.


March 17th 2006 (8 years and 9 months and 5 days)
Hey,Can i ask u some question?
I"s Pure have only 2 chapter?


March 17th 2006 (8 years and 9 months and 5 days)
Your refering to the OVAs, right? I\'\'s and I\'\'s Pure


April 7th 2006 (8 years and 8 months and 14 days)
Tracklist is as follows ~

01. I Will Follow (Full Version)
02. Eyes
03. Pomme Douce
04. Nuages
05. Une Illusion
06. Vivre
07. Un Jour D\'Hiver
08. Dimanche
09. La Montre
10. Fraise Douce
11. Demain
12. Le Temps Des Souvenirs
13. Poursuite
14. Le Bonheur
15. Le Locomotion
16. Mandarine Douce
17. Et Maintenant
18. Eyes For You (Full Version)
19. I Will Follow (TV Version)
20. Eyes For You (TV Version)
21. I Will Follow (Karaoke Version)
22. Eyes For You (Karaoke Version)


April 13th 2010 (4 years and 8 months and 8 days)
Thank you.


July 1st 2012 (2 years and 5 months and 20 days)
are there any seeders? I have this torrent active for 24hrs yet its not downloading anything. I think the stats that say this torrent have seeders maybe wrong