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June 6th 2013 (1 year and 1 month and 15 days)
» Toshihero
» Induhvidual
Title is incorrect. Should be Jinshin Yuugi. Two u's.

Title is correct. Depends if you're using the official/main japanese romanization for the title (Jinshin Yuugi) or the official release title (人心遊戯 Jinshin Yūgi), both which are valid. We should know this already.
Additionally, you're 3 years, 7 months and 15 days late to try and find something to correct..

Yeah, no... that is, unfortunately, not how the Japanese language works.

The romaji "Jinshin Yugi" does not translate to anything even remotely close to 人心遊戯. This is extremely basic Japanese: ū=uu. Replacing the "ū" with a "u" instead of a "uu" would be like trying to build a full house without the pair. Sure you still have the triple and you can still play the hand, but it's only a full house when the other guy is blind or senile (in which case you may as well claim a royal flush). It's the same reasoning behind people not spelling "correct" with the occasional single r in place of the pair. We know that r != rr. If you wish to investigate further, I'm sure they'll teach you this stuff in more detail within the first week of a Japanese college course.

Of course, if you really want to use that "Yugi", you could always opt for the official German title: "Yinshin Yugi." Unfortunately, the current title would still be incorrect and I'm pretty sure BakaBT focuses on English torrents.

So, that pretty much leaves you with either Jinshin Yūgi or Jinshin Yuugi. Since special characters like "ū" never seem to show up in any torrent links I've seen thus far, I am forced to conclude that they simply do not allow it. Thankfully the description space offers you a chance to use that special "ū" if you've really taken a liking to it. But sadly, it looks like you've managed to use an incorrect name in both spaces. I think your easiest solution is to just use "Jinshin Yuugi" in both torrent and description titles.

TL;DR: "Jinshin Yuugi" is the correct name because basic language norms.


June 7th 2013 (1 year and 1 month and 14 days)
» Induhvidual
TL;DR: "Jinshin Yuugi" is the correct name because basic language norms.

Argument and language debate aside, I see where you're coming from regarding official title spelling, since AniDB has the English title with "uu" and German with just "u". The most I can do to avoid such re-occurrences regarding this complaint with apparent english title consistency/inconsistency is modify torrent title and description text, 3 years+ late or not, and whether or not anyone else has or would have ever had a problem with it remaining the way it was.
You'll have to take it to [HPz] in regards to their filenames though, because those are staying the way they were on release unless they officially change them on their version first.. and I'm compelled to say it doesn't look good for that to happen, since this was released by them in '06.. and they'd probably care to modify it less than I would, for english consistence's sake or not.


June 23rd 2013 (1 year and 29 days)
» Zwei01
Hey everyone wanted to offer the Dual Audio if anyone is interested so I can start Ripping and Encoding the DVD. Oh I only have episode 1-2.  :unsure:

If you'e still up for it, a Dual Audio version would be nice!