Mahou no Princess Minky Momo: Yume no Naka no Rondo | Magical Princess Minky Momo: La Ronde in My Dream [WMV9, 480p][Okonomi]

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midhras (Sir Swap-a-lot)

August 8<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2009 (7 years and 20 days)
Hey, nice description again. One little thing: I notice that you're using these fonts: Kristen ITC, TW Cen MT. I've used one of those in my descriptions, but it turns out that quite some people don't have these fonts on their computers. So you might want to take that into account when designing your descriptions.


August 8<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2009 (7 years and 20 days)
These fonts are standard Windows fonts. No one complained last time, so I thought I'd give Kristen ITC a try this time. :D
To be honest, I don't really understand HTML's font mechanism.
If we assume that Mac and Ubunta users do not have Kristen ITC & TW Cen MT, Will they be able to see the page with "Times"(<most standard font, I presume), if I add "Times" after a comma in my font definition?
EDIT - I think users which do not have these fonts would see their browser's default font instead. I guess, that won't be a big problem. Windows, Ubunta and Mac don't have any fancy fonts in common, anyway :(
Thank you :) I think the creator of this template deserves all the credit.

midhras (Sir Swap-a-lot)

August 9<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2009 (7 years and 20 days)
Well, you might want to check this out:
Browser safe font list
w3schools article on font-family property.


August 9<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2009 (7 years and 19 days)
My knowledge about HTMl is limited to the contents of the website you've linked.  :lol:
I always refer those sites before doing my description, I just wanted to try something different this time.
The description for users who don't have the fonts that I've used would probably look like this. It looks decent enough, in my opinion.

midhras (Sir Swap-a-lot)

August 9<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2009 (7 years and 19 days)
I know it's often not an issue, depending on your design. I learned the hard way that when the relative sizes of fonts differ much between what you're using and what's displayed on a computer that's missing the font, the description can come out botched.


August 28<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2009 (7 years and 22 hours)
Not all of us Linuxers are Ubuntu users.  Remember that, because calling my OS Ubuntu might get you killed if we meet in a dark alley. :)

Two font guides I've found useful: one and two.


August 28<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2009 (7 years and 17 hours)
Thanks, xchiamiov :) The pages you've linked are really VERY useful.


March 23<sup><i>rd</i></sup> 2011 (5 years and 5 months and 7 days)
Thx a lot for this ^^  Keep it up!.....