Gankutsuou The Count of Monte Cristo Music Collection [FLAC]

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Gankutusou Soundtrack Collection.torrent 1.02 GB info hash: d4763a165404218b259c82591b434ee3de89be36
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Added: 4:12 am on January 14<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2011
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January 13<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2011 (5 years and 6 months and 16 days)

midhras (Sir Swap-a-lot)

January 13<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2011 (5 years and 6 months and 16 days)
Nice! The classic compilation in FLAC. Thanks!


January 14<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2011 (5 years and 6 months and 15 days)
Nice to see the flac upgrade as well as the drama CD. Much appreciated.


March 8<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2011 (5 years and 4 months and 23 days)
Not entirely sure why I DL'd this collection.  Guess I got caught up in the freeleech frenzy during these past holidays.

Anyway, I'm really glad I grabbed this.  There are a lot of fantastic tracks sprinkled throughout.  Some pretty spacey & haunting work mixed with some heavy prog rock.  Very nice & well-worthy of flac goodness.  Thank you!  :music:  :cool: :thumbsup:


January 8<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2012 (4 years and 6 months and 21 days)
Thanks a BUNCH!


July 19<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2016 (11 days)
thanks mate