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BakaBT sold to Nyaa owners

Posted by Duki3003 at 0:57 am on April 1st 2015

WEABO Media Group acquires BakaBT!

WEABO Media Group, the company behind Nyaa, has yesterday acquired BakaBT. We had an interview with Frank Simmons, director of operations at WEABO Media Group. "With anime and manga gaining more popularity in the west we see an opportunity for a strong delivery platform. The market is currently heavily fragmented with many small communities. We believe that merging the communities is the right way forward".
For now, the design of the site will shift to Nyaa's design for simplicity and overall consolidation. Descriptions' requirements will be phased out at a later date because we will automatically scrape the required info from AniDB, MAL and similar databases.

Previously anime websites were relying on relatively uncertain methods such as donations. We're currently exploring new opportunities for monetization for a more reliable and steady income.
Over the next few weeks, BakaBT's torrent pool and all its users will be consolidated into Nyaa's existing infrastructure.

Additionally, we will be switching to Nyaa's anime acceptance policy. This includes a global ban on Doki and we will also refrain from accepting anything not from the so-called 'cartel'. Thank you for your understanding.

More updates will be forthcoming.

Update: Their check bounced, so for the time being BakaBT is once again in our hands. Style will be updated shortly.


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Staff roster

Posted by Duki3003 at 22:51 pm on February 7th 2015

After being subjected through a living hell in our sacred proving grounds, 3 have managed to pull through.
We welcome:

  ● gits
  ● MrIntruder
  ● Nodame-chan

Additionally Sash has been reinstated to his old position in staff.


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*Staff applications 2015*

Posted by Duki3003 at 22:45 pm on January 9th 2015

After being with us for some time, quite a bit of our staff had to resign from being active staff for different reasons of private nature, opening up some new mod positions. So without further ado it's time for a new recruitment drive.

Requirements are still the same as before - and this should go without saying but -

» Quote
We are not looking for temporary help, that is staff members that will disappear after a month or so. If you choose to apply please be sure that you want to commit your time to being a mod in the long run.

If you cannot commit to that, please do not waste our time by applying.
But you believe you're up to the task leave us a comment here telling us a bit about yourself and why you feel you would make an excellent contributing staff member.

The standard requirements are, of course, still in effect:

What we're looking for:
- Familiar with our Wiki info.*
- Familiar with our torrent offer system.*
- Knows the difference between audio/video formats.
- Knows how to make a comparison of releases.
- Know how to interpret comparisons, and make a weighted decision on a release.
- Respectable, not a douche.
- Must know how to use IRC. This is our main form of contact.*
- As always, can speak coherent English...

*very important~!

Not as important, but a plus:
- Knows HTML/php coding
- Has a fast/respectable connection (For quickly obtaining different releases for comparison purposes)

If you have decent knowledge of Japanese, please don't forget to mention it. This, of course, will not be a deciding and/or eliminating factor, but will be a big plus for your application.

There is no requirement on how long you have to be a member to be considered. However if you are a ghost, your chances are non-existent.
Which means - show us what you can do. Comment on pending offers, get involved in the release discussions on the forums, provide comparisons you will be required to make if you get accepted.
We don't hire randomly, we will do a background check on you.

Applications will be open for 2 weeks - that is until 23.01.2015.
Any questions you can find me on IRC, or consult with a staff member.
Submit your applications here. All applications sent through PM will be automatically rejected!


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Happy New Years - 2015

Posted by Duki3003 at 2:55 am on January 1st 2015

Big part of the globe has already entered the New Year and already celebrating while some are still waiting I'll take this opportunity while the night is still young to wish you all a Happy New Year!
And I'm pretty much sure you've already guessed it - time for some Freeleech!

Secondly - Banner contest winners: *Here*

Happy Holidays and enjoy the freeleech~


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Holiday Banners Competition '15

Posted by Duki3003 at 19:00 pm on December 8th 2014

Here comes that time of the year, it's time for our annual Holiday Banners competition.
You can submit your banners with a New Year/Winter motif here...


  ● Submit in .png (lossless) format
  ● Width 980px
  ● Height 120px
  ● Matches site!
  ● Use the Joyful Juliana font.
  ● Keep at least 100px clear on the left and 200px clear on the right (Search box and RSS feed button).
  ● If the composition allows it put the image to the left and the text to the right.
  ● Tell us which anime it's from and the character(s) name.
  ● Provide link to your (tracker) profile so we can give you proper credit.

Like before, you'll have more freedom if you wish to experiment, however try to keep the banners consistent. That goes for the font and the background colour scheme.
New Year motif banners will be kept in rotation until the end of January, 2015 - so feel free to alter your banner slightly and re-submit it in the regular banner submission thread if you want to keep it in permanent rotation.

Best banners will be awarded - 2000 Bonus points for every banner we choose (No limits to number of submissions).
Same as last year, banners we like the most will receive extra points.
Submissions will be accepted starting today and until 23. December.
Happy Holidays, and have fun~

-BakaBT Team-

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BakaBT meet 2014

Posted by Chiyachan at 23:38 pm on August 30th 2014

Ladies and gents, BBT meet 2014 has been decided!

Based in Stratford-upon-Avon, the birth place of Shakespeare!
The date decided is: October 10th until the 12th. I will have the full week off though if people loiter longer.
The is easy access from abroad from Birmingham and cheap places to stay here and there.
Lots of fun things to do and I'll be the perfect host.
For staff and friends (you know who you are), you're welcome to stay with me. (BYOB)

Additional information:
I'll meet people at the train station at 10:00 and will give my mobile number closer to the day so you can call me if you get here early or late.
You need to bring some money with you as I'm hoping we will do stuff or at least go drinking or socialising.
Depending on ages of people, I'd recommend being 18+ as I'm too immature to be a responsible adult for anyone. If you're younger you may have problems going into some venues we might visit.
Try to avoid looking like a chav or hard core otaku.... I have to work and live here!
I forgot to say that lurkers are welcome too! We don't bite..... Hard. We had a great mix of guys and girls last time!

Any questions or people saying they're coming for sure?
Looking forward to seeing you all!

PS: I'm without internet for a while but if you ask a question it will get to me.

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Changes to our upload guidelines

Posted by xgraphy at 0:49 am on July 1st 2014

Hello everyone,

It isn't our birthday today (far past it), but just to let you know it's been more than 10 years since our tracker opened!
Over the course of time the anime scene has changed dramatically and we have done so too to accommodate.
Today I will be announcing a few more changes to our tracker, to keep our approvals process sustainable and reaffirm our position as an archiving tracker.
This post is mostly addressed to the uploaders of BakaBT, so leechers can move on and continue as normal ;)

Firstly, and it may not come as a surprise to some of our regular contributors:
We will now abstain from receiving and accepting offers for the majority of recently aired Anime series for the foreseeable future. (Details of what is excluded later in post)
The reasons for this are as follows:

    ● The review process for analysing scripts, typesetting and overall encoding quality takes some time. Times this by at least 10 for every season and the moderating team has a lot to process, and still has to manage the other offers we receive.
    ● As a result, other submission types such as Hentai have been neglected due to time constraints. We want to rebalance this.
    ● The anime scene is now in a culture where Blu-ray encodes are released for the majority of shows, within a year of the show finishing on TV. We cannot match this pace without sacrificing quality, so we are delaying our review process.

Let’s be honest, recently aired anime is already readily available by other means and we have never tried to compete.
BakaBT will remain an archiving tracker for high quality and rare content that keeps torrents alive. The above change will help us to deliver this content to you more promptly.

To maintain equality, when evaluating a series we will still analyse releases that did not have their scripts borrowed; to see if there are any benefits to accepting it.
A recent example of this is Ore no Imouto Season 2, where we deemed the EveTaku script (used by Coalgirls) from a relatively new translator was inferior to the ‘official’ translation. As a result we accepted the Commie release for the revised copy of the official translation along with the other perks such as encoding/translation over the HorribleSubs rip.
So the new policy does not necessarily mean that a blu-ray copy will automatically ‘win’.

Exemptions to the policy are as follows:

  ● No other release was made.
  The torrent will be accepted after a quick verification.
  ● The only other release is a stream rip.
  A comparison will be made (ideally by the uploader) showing improvements to the script, timing, typesetting and the quality of the encode. A relatively simple process and depending on moderators workload, dealt with promptly.
  ● SD releases.
  Releases that fall into slot C are very unlikely to be replaced by a higher quality Blu-ray/DVD version. Releases of this kind have also dramatically declined in not so recent times so there is less to analyse.
  ● Shows that we deem too unpopular enough to receive a higher quality release later on.
  Typically these are children’s shows designed to sell toys/trading cards such as Cardfight Vanguard. Precure and Aikatsu are now releasing Blu-rays, but the release schedule spans a long time and availability is not guaranteed.

Uploaders you will start to see some rejections for some offers made shortly, if you want to try something else just give us a msg and we will refund your slot.
We hope you will take this opportunity to look over and offer some content that has been 'missed' over the past year.

Moving onto the second change:
We will now delay the offering of Soundtrack collections until after all planned media is released.
For many series, this will now mean that all the Blu-ray volumes of the show have to be released first as they often enclose bonus CDs.
Reasons being:

  ● Swapping new content into an accepted torrent damages the pool and leechers are hesitant to download an incomplete collection and would rather wait.
  ● To deter collections being abandoned mid-way.

We/you cannot help CDs not being ripped, we are still accepting incomplete torrents but we are essentially taking whatever we can when releasing is finished.
We also understand that the show may be green-lit for another series, in this case the collection will be swapped/reoffered when that subsequent series has finished releasing CDs.
There are also cases of a movie being announced when the series finishes, in which case we will go with our above ideal and add the movie content in later as it could take years to surface (Morestu Pirates for example).

With this change we have now opened a Music Collection forum for the following purposes:

  ● A space to allow co-ordination of offers between multiple uploaders.
  Search for missing CDs together and maybe even arrange buying media.
  ● For an uploader to place interest and update on the progression of the offer. This aims to prevent incidents were multiple people are working on the same thing without knowing.

We will of course not allow one person to stake a claim on everything, discuss what you want to upload amongst yourselves in this forum and moderators will intervene when necessary.

We are still in discussions about providing other incentives for our users and hope to have these finalised, developed and released to your benefit soon.

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