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My claims to "fame":

Several solo fansubbing projects under the Zarisu/Zalis tag.
Some translation and other fansubbing work with BOX-Subs and LIME-Anime.
Founder and for awhile sole member of Pretty Cure Splash Subs.
Founder and only official member of ReDone-Subs, though some people do routinely do encodes for me.

I have a folder on Mega that contains scans of printed liners notes and screenshots of on-disc notes from my R1 anime DVD/BD collection. More items will be added as I get around to scanning them.  

If you are an encoder interested in DVD .isos for titles in my collection that do not have recent/good rips available, PM me. Please do not request popular titles that have a dozen versions from the last 5 years or whatever -- I'd prefer to give older/obscure shows that haven't been encoded since the DivX5/.ogm days a new lease on life. Though I do own some Blu-Rays, I do not have the means to transfer them to my PC, so I cannot upload bdmvs. (And if a given show has BDs available, you probably don't want/need the DVDs anyway.
Potential titles:
Series owned with no apparent good/recent dual-audio releases:
(most recent release listed in parentheses)
Angel Links (SSP-Corp=Filtering issues)
Area 88 TV and especially OVA (Blitz)
Burst Angel? (BD = upscale, most recent best = Baka-Anime)
Ceres Celestial Legend (a4e)
Desert Punk (B-A for dual-audio; moo-shi = CDR-scrimping R1 rip)
Don't Leave me Alone, Daisy (A-Et = low-res/hardsubbed)
Eden's Bowy (a4e)
Geneshaft (AHQ?)
Hand Maid May? (Blitz-Orphan “good enough for now”?)
Infinite Ryvius (a4e, COR)
Kiddy Grade (BD = Upscale, no good recent DVD encodes; B-A? Anime-MX?)
Kodocha 001-51 (AniMecha)
Pretty Sammy/Mihoshi Special (ZX)
Magical Project S (EngelGroup)
Melody of Oblivion? (EEX - re-encoded audio, otherwise okay?)
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok (B-A)
Risky Safety (V-A)
Paradise Kiss (ACX)
Paranoia Agent? (a4e, BD upscales)
RahXephon (BD = upscale, no good recent DVD encodes; best DVD version is still A-L)
Sentimental Journey (RiP)
Seraphim Call (RiP)
Shadow Star Narutaru? (AniMecha)
Shrine of the Morning Mist (a4e)
Space Pirate Mito (W-S, not available)
Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko OVAs (A-Et, not available)
Steel Angel Kurumi S1/Encore/S2 (LIME/V-A)
Stellvia (a4e; no good DVD-rip, BDs upscaled)
Stratos 4 TV (ACX?) / OVA (LIME)  
Super Gals (A-Fanrips admits it’s early work)
Super Milk-chan (no complete version available)
Taro the Dragon Boy (A-Et)
Ultra Maniac (LIME/AniMecha)
Zaion ~ I wish you were here (B-A)

I'm attempting to increase the diversity of BakaBT by getting more older fansubs uploaded. If you were downloading anime back in 2000-2003, please help the cause of historical preservation and take a look at this thread:


* Please do not PM me with questions about the tracker, your torrent client, your ratio, or getting files to work. Post such questions in the Need Help? / Playback / Torrent-Tracker Questions section of the forums.

Akane Maniax || Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Gaiden [A-L & A-Keep & Conclave] Romance, School, Mecha, A-Keep, A-L, Conclave, Comedy, Visual Novel5520 / 13 / 0815 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Ao no Exorcist | Blue Exorcist (400p) [Hatsuyuki-Hadena] Action, Shounen, Demons, School Life, Comedy, Contemporary Fantasy, Tragedy, Adventure, Hatsuyuki, Hadena5790 / 12 / 14.42 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Arslan Senki | The Heroic Legend of Arslan [RaX] Fantasy, Magic, RaX, Violence, Military, Swordplay, Tragedy, Coming of Age3417 / 3 / 02.73 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Avenger [Anime-Keep] Bee Train, Action, Mars, Post-apocalyptic, Dolls, KAJIURA Yuki, ALI Project9858 / 3 / 01.75 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Battle Skipper School [AM] AniMecha, Piloted Robots, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Ecchi2383 / 7 / 0526 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Boys Be… [AF] Romance, Comedy, Seinen1224 / 6 / 01.64 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
C3: Cube x Cursed x Curious (400p) [UTW][AFFTW-Hatsuyuki] UTW, Hatsuyuki, Silver Link, Action, Contemporary Fantasy, Violence, Harem, Magic, Pantsu, Swordplay, School Life, Censored, OONUMA Shin1383 / 4 / 02.57 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Card Captor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card [A-F] Mahou Shoujo, Anime-Fansubs, Rated G, IWAO Junko, MADHOUSE, Magic, CLAMP23k / 3 / 01.00 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Card Captor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card [O-A] OmegAnime, CLAMP, Mahou Shoujo, Action, MADHOUSE, Rated G, IWAO Junko, Magic2925 / 6 / 0800 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Card Captor Sakura Video Diary Rated G, Mahou Shoujo, Omake, Contemporary Fantasy, CLAMP, Magic, IWAO Junko5921 / 4 / 073.6 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Detatoko Princess [RiP] Ripping in Peace, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy1596 / 11 / 01.05 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Detective Kun Kun: Duell Walzer [Ushi] Comedy, Mystery, Omake1759 / 7 / 054.9 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Di Gi Charat Original Series + Specials + Movie Catgirls, Comedy, Violence, Aliens, MADHOUSE, AC, CF, E-F, Short Episodes8216 / 12 / 11.58 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Dog Days [Ruri] Action, Comedy, Juujin, Fantasy, Adventure, Seinen, Small Breasts, Ruri3369 / 5 / 02.99 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Dominion | Dominion Tank Police [Anime-Takeover] Catgirls, Anime-Takeover, Mecha, Law and Order, Post-apocalyptic, ISHIYAMA Takaaki7442 / 24 / 11.36 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Gokudo (Gokudou-kun Manyuuki) [Anime-Takeover] Action, Magic, Swordplay, Anime-Takeover, Parody, Comedy, Shinto, Gender Bender6773 / 18 / 05.89 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Green Green TV [LIME] + Extras [E-D] LIME, Ecchi, Supernatural, Romance, Large Breasts, Game, Pantsu, E-D, SHS, Censored, Uncensored, Time Travel, MUTOU Yuuji13k / 29 / 03.54 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (2009) | Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (400p) [Eclipse] BONES, Eclipse, Fantasy, Violence, ARAKAWA Hiromu, Shounen, Action, Comedy, Military667 / 21 / 314.2 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Hataraki Man [Arienai] (SD) Arienai, Slice of Life, Episodic, Seinen, Romance, noitaminA769 / 5 / 01.06 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Hayate no Gotoku! | Hayate the Combat Butler! (400p) [SS-Eclipse] Static-Subs, Eclipse, Romance, Comedy, Parody, Tsundere6770 / 6 / 08.73 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth [SS-Eclipse] Static-Subs, Eclipse, Comedy, Romance, Harem, Shounen, Maids, Fantasy, Manglobe, Tsundere, Love Polygon, Slapstick753 / 5 / 0623 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
High School Girls (Joshikousei) OST + OP&ED 547 / 6 / 0189 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Hime-chan's Ribbon (Hime-chan no Ribbon) [h-b][Tomodachi] Mahou Shoujo, Romance, Slice of Life, Episodic, Magic, Contemporary Fantasy, h-b740 / 6 / 16.38 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Honoo no Labyrinth | Labyrinth of Flames [V-A] Comedy, Ecchi, Robots, Samurai, Swordplay, Pantsu5776 / 9 / 0697 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Idol Project [Anime-Takeover] Anime-Takeover, Music, Idols, Sci-Fi, Aliens1002 / 3 / 01.33 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade [A-L] A-L, Military, Law and Order, Thriller, Violence, Mystery2834 / 4 / 01.37 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Joshikousei | Girls' High [LIME] LIME, Female Students, Ecchi, Pantsu, Slice of Life, Shoujo Ai2668 / 5 / 02.14 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II | The World God Only Knows II (480p) [Chihiro] Comedy, Contemporary Fantasy, Chihiro, Demons, School Life, Romance, Manglobe, Drama, Harem, Shounen6571 / 4 / 02.02 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Kannazuki no Miko | Destiny of the Shrine Maiden [SS] Static-Subs, Romance, Drama, Action, Mecha, Angst, Shoujo Ai, Kaishaku3141 / 5 / 02.05 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Kanon (2002) [AI & A-F] + Extras [Ishin] Anime-Fansubs, Key, Toei, Supernatural, Drama, Romance, Sudden Girlfriend Appearance, Ishin, AnimeINC11k / 18 / 02.95 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken [Exiled-Destiny] Action, Samurai, Comedy, E-D, Trinet Entertainment1229 / 5 / 01.32 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken [Exiled-Destiny] Trinet Entertainment, E-D, Shinsengumi, Comedy, Fantasy, Meiji, Shounen, Swordplay, Picture Magic1550 / 12 / 04.31 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien OST Collection (mp3) 5696 / 5 / 0791 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Kodomo no Omocha (Kodocha) | Child's Toy [AniMecha] 001-051 AniMecha, Shoujo, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Studio Gallop, Slapstick, Elementary School448 / 21 / 18.58 GB11.4 GB0.00 KB1.3x
Kodomo no Omocha || Kodocha OST Collection (repost) ABE Jun1020 / 5 / 1252 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Kujibiki Unbalance [A-Faith] [dp] School Life, Seinen, Parody, Female Students, A-Faith, dp7217 / 2 / 0689 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Kurau: Phantom Memory OSTs 1-2 + OP-ED [Nipponsei | mp3] Nipponsei1777 / 4 / 0165 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Lamune OP-ED Character Vol1~6 (updated) 541 / 4 / 2353 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Le Portrait de Petite Cossette [Exiled-Destiny] Romance, Horror, Drama, Art, SHAFT, E-D2428 / 4 / 02.05 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Leave it to Piyoko! || Piyoko ni omakase pyo! [RiP] Ripping in Peace, Comedy, Aliens, Violence, Short Episodes1128 / 6 / 01.37 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Lime-iro Senkitan: Nankoku Yume Roman || Lime-Colored War Tales: The Southern Island Dream Romantic Adventure [ReDone] Static-Subs, ReDone, Ecchi, Harem, Mecha, Pantsu, Military, Special Squads, Action2411 / 11 / 0559 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Little Busters! (480p) [UTW-Mazui] JCStaff, UTW, Mazui, Angst, Comedy, Baseball, Contemporary Fantasy, Visual Novel, School Life, Tragedy, Clubs, Romance, Key, Seinen1040 / 2 / 02.99 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Magic Knight Rayearth [Anime-Takeover] Anime-Takeover, Mahou Shoujo, Fantasy, CLAMP4489 / 13 / 01.85 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Haru~ (Spring) || Maria Watches Over Us ~Printemps~ [Ayu] Ayu, Drama, Romance, Shoujo Ai, Coming of Age, High School9238 / 7 / 02.23 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Marriage [TOMA] Drama, Romance, Slice of Life1062 / 7 / 0454 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Melty Lancer [Exiled-Destiny] Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Space, GONZO, E-D, Game, MORI Takeshi1837 / 4 / 02.00 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Memories Off *All Series* (Original, 2nd, 3.5, #5) Romance, Drama, Contemporary Fantasy, A-Keep, A-Flux, Visual Novel, A-Faith, AQS-Anime, Tragedy, Clubs3070 / 6 / 12.61 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Midori Days (Midori no Hibi) OST - Melody CooRie, Saori Atsumi, YOSHIHISA Hirano688 / 4 / 0105 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Niea 7 OST 2997 / 5 / 0112 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte [A-F&ChiZ] [WF] Slapstick, Mahou Shoujo, Comedy, Parody, Boing, A-F, Seinen, Tatsunoko Prod.2171 / 13 / 01.65 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
One ~To the Shining Season~ (ONE: ~Kagayaku Kisetsu he~) [Soldats] Soldats, Romance, Drama, Game1419 / 3 / 0832 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! (BD 480p) [Doki] Comedy, Coming of Age, Ecchi, Harem, Incest, Pantsu, Doki, GotWoot, ZEXCS, School Life, Uncensored, Gansis, Blu-ray3273 / 5 / 03.30 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Popotan OST Collection Nipponsei, AnimeMp31061 / 6 / 0161 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Queen's Blade: Gyokuza o Tsugu Mono | Queen's Blade 2: The Evil Eye (BD 480p) [Exiled-Destiny] E-D, Ecchi, Pantsu, Action, Swordplay, Fantasy, Boing, Elves, Angels, Martial Arts, Tentacles, Urination, Demons, Yuri1564 / 6 / 04.23 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Rakushou! Hyper Doll || Hyper Doll: Mew and Mica the Easy Fighters [Exiled-Destiny] Mahou Shoujo, Super Power, Comedy, E-D, Ecchi, Humanoid, Slapstick, School Life2564 / 7 / 1699 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Sakura Taisen - Gouka Kenran | Sakura Wars OVA 2 [NMH] Comedy, Sci-Fi, Piloted Robots, Romance, Harem, Game, Mecha, Military2169 / 3 / 02.25 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Sakura Taisen - Ouka Kenran | Sakura Wars OVA 1 [a4e] Action, Comedy, Game, Mecha, Piloted Robots, Sci-Fi, Harem, Military, a4e, ISHIYAMA Takaaki2339 / 6 / 01.35 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Sakura Wars {Taisen} - Le Nouveau Paris (OVA 4) [dp] dp, Action, Mecha, Harem, Law and Order, Special Squads4593 / 10 / 01.03 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Sakura Wars {Taisen} OVA 5 - New York, NY [RNA+dp] Piloted Robots, Mecha, Steampunk, Magic, Harem, dp, Alternate History2998 / 11 / 01.12 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Shadow Skill [R-B+Onigiri] (DivX4/XviD,480p) R-B, Action, Magic, Martial Arts, Shounen, Super Power, Violence, Studio DEEN1056 / 4 / 04.34 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Shin Koihime Musou ~Otome Tairan~ [Exiled-Destiny] E-D, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Slapstick, Swordplay, Catgirls, Nudity, Adventure871 / 5 / 13.97 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Sister Princess (Ishin | DivX) Comedy, Slice of Life, Harem, Seinen, Incest, Romance, Ishin3499 / 10 / 04.29 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Slayers - Excellent [Anime-Ancestors] Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, A~A, J C STAFF2507 / 11 / 01.12 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Smile Precure! (Pretty Cure) [Aesir-Anxious] (480p) Toei Animation, Mahou Shoujo, Contemporary Fantasy, Comedy, School Life, Shoujo144 / 2 / 09.84 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Sunabouzu || Desert Punk OST 1&2 + OP-ED 1&2 1265 / 7 / 0201 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Superdimensional Romanesque Samy - Missing 99 [BOX] Sci-Fi, Action, Demons, BOX2299 / 10 / 0503 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Tanjou ~Debut~ OAV 1-2 (VHS) School Life, Romance, Supernatural, Game1833 / 9 / 0227 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative | Detective Opera Milky Holmes Alternative [KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] (BD 400p) J C STAFF, Detective, Seinen, Super Power, KiteSeekers, Wasurenai122 / 5 / 0569 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai 2 Maku | Detective Opera Milky Holmes Season 2 (400p) [KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] KiteSeekers, Wasurenai, J C STAFF, Comedy, Slapstick, Lolicon, Detective, Super Power146 / 3 / 02.12 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Summer Special (400p XviD) [KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Comedy, Idols, Lolicon, Slapstick, JCStaff, Artland, KiteSeekers, Wasurenai475 / 3 / 0180 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
The World of Narue (Narue no Sekai) [ANBU&AJ] ANBU, Romance, Aliens, Sudden Girlfriend Appearance, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Comedy, Pantsu, AJ1509 / 3 / 12.27 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
This Ugly yet Beautiful World || Kono minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai OST Collection 860 / 4 / 0195 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Welcome to the || NHK ni Youkoso! OST Collection [Nipponsei] Nipponsei13k / 8 / 0360 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Wind ~A Breath of Heart~ [SS] + Extra Episodes [SHS] Static-Subs, SHS, Drama, Romance, Magic, Supernatural, Game, Short Episodes2754 / 2 / 11.61 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
X The Movie (Anime-MX) Anime-MX, CLAMP, MADHOUSE, Rintaro, Fantasy, Tragedy, Super Power, Bishounen3502 / 3 / 01.37 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Yumekui Merry | Dream Eater Merry (Ayako | XviD) Ayako, Contemporary Fantasy, Demons, Super Power, Seinen, Action4365 / 5 / 02.14 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Yumeria OSTs 1&2 + Char Albums + OP-ED Singles 451 / 5 / 0190 MB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x
Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei a.f.k., Parody, Comedy, SHAFT, Female Students, KUMETA Kouji23k / 15 / 11.96 GB0.00 KB0.00 KB0x